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Removal of OS security dialog for Windows

Owner: Brian

  • Patches have landed on m-c. Nice work Brian!
  • A second Nightly build has been manually started. Updates work silently.
  • Minor bugs being address and MAR signing patch is being reviewed and hope to land that next week. Only reported issues so far is service missing a description field and there was an extra debug print statement not removed.
  • Minor security bugs to be addressed right after the MAR signing patch (couple days of work). Releng will get me new certs and I will have to include those new certs which will be about another day.
  • Assuming Robert/Brian is comfortable with the patch on m-c, Brian will land this on Aurora (Fx11) hopefully next week.

QA (Simona Badau)
  • Just got back from holiday today, nothing new to report

Add-ons Default to Compatible (TO BE UPDATED)

Owner: Blair (client), Wil (AMO)

  • Client
    • bug 707328 backgroundUpdateCheck isn't firing its complete notification correctly
      • Requested Aurora approval
    • bug 527141 Addon update check should take into account compatibility preferences
      • Requested Aurora approval
    • bug 706387 Send the compatibility mode when using AMO Search API
      • Waiting on AMO bug 707359, which should land today
    • After these three bugs land the feature is considered complete
  • AMO
    • bug 707359 Add compatMode to search API URL pattern to avoid 404
      • Should land today
    • bug 706385 Add compatMode param to Search API
      • retargeted to be fixed this week
    • bug 703781 Update version check script to use compat overrides
    • retargeted to be fixed this week
QA (Virgil Dicu)
  • Exploratory testing and bug fix verification ongoing
    • Platforms: Windows XP, Windows 7 (x86, x86_64), Ubuntu 11.10 (x86, x86_64), Mac OS 10.6, 10.7, Windows Vista, Windows 2000
    • Results: spreadsheet, Litmus
  • Regression test plan for Firefox 10
    • Asa/Marcia to be developing user scenarios
    • Asa/Jorge to be developing list of add-ons to test manually
    • Bob/Clint to be developing long-term automation strategy
    • Virgil to develop test plan once all the above is complete
    • Anthony to organize testday (Jan 13th / 20th)
    • Final sign-off has to occur by Jan 23rd

Background updates

Owner: Ehsan

  • Nearly ready for review, will have patches today
  • Security review scheduled for Monday
  • Switched to using the Oak branch instead of Ash
  • Will plan to land this on m-c once Brian lands his UAC work on Aurora (Fx11)
QA (Vlad Ghetiu)
  • Recurring issues getting updates on the test branch
  • How can we improve this back-and-forth process?

Updated workflow for updating users with incompatible add-ons

Owner: Rob, Chris

  • Bug filed - bug 715607
  • Likely will target Fx13 given the user impact is relatively low
  • Will follow-up next week in more detail with Robert on how we want to break out this work
QA (Ioana Budnar)
  • Nothing new to report

Getting the word out

  • Lawrence's blog post has been reviewed by the team and should be ready to go live soon.


  • Robert to add a brief agenda item to next Monday's all hands - encourage everyone to test the UAC work on m-c and Background updates when that lands on m-c