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Removal of OS security dialog for Windows

Owner: Brian

  • Fixing bugs with service as they are reported. Mainly there was a couple issues with the service installing and upgrading. Haven't seen any other bugs with the actual service doing the update. In all cases the fallback worked correctly.
  • Telemetry data looks good and no additional new errors show up.
  • Currently working on the 3 MAR security related enhancements.
  • Landed several fixes, and others are in review.

Open questions:

  • Do people perceive updates to be slower now that there is no UI? Do we need background updates at the same time as this? (Hence not pushing the service silent updates up to Aurora)
  • Should we have one service per channel x per product?

Product notes:

  • Spoke with Brian/Robert and we are going to use 1/25 as the date to decide if we land the UAC changes onto Fx11 or not. If we do land it, this should give us ~5 days prior to the uplift on 1/31.
  • In addition, given that we may now be perceived to be a longer delay when there is a new update being applied (and before Ehsan's 'Background Updates' work), it may be valuable to re-intro the progress meter. Robert will follow-up with Brian on this. Once Ehsan's changes are in, we can remove this.

In progress:

  • The 3 MAR security related enhancements, and getting back to Ehsan who has been patiently waiting for reviews :).
QA (Simona Badau)

Add-ons Default to Compatible

Owner: Blair (client), Wil (AMO)

  • Client
  • AMO
QA (Virgil Dicu)
  • Testday happening this Friday -- come help test or answer community questions if you have time

Background updates

Owner: Ehsan

  • Waiting for reviews
QA (Vlad Ghetiu)
  • nothing new to report

Updated workflow for updating users with incompatible add-ons

Owner: Rob, Chris

QA (Ioana Budnar)
  • nothing new to report

Getting the word out