Program Management/Programs/Silent Update/2012-02-02

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Removal of OS security dialog for Windows

Owner: Brian (Dev), Simona Badau (QA)

  • Implemented MAR signing task for RelEng which allows multiple channels support.
  • Indeterminate progress bar is done, will land today on Nightly, will request Aurora afterwards.
  • Service description task was reviewed, I implemented review comments and re-put it to review.
  • Waiting on reviews, spending a good chunk of my time on perf work instead.
  • Can't test on elm currently with Nightly builds because the new signmar isn't being used. The old signmar can't sign MARs with product info blocks. Trying to figure out a solution there as RelEng doesn't have the ability to only update the signmar program for elm only.
  • QA: Is there any intent to uplift this feature (in whole or in part) to Beta? No, any service related task will be uplifted from Nightly to Aurora though. (from Brian)

Add-ons Default to Compatible

Owner: Blair (client), Wil (AMO), Virgil Dicu (QA)

  • Shipped in Firefox 10!
  • Will be enabled on mobile in Firefox 12
  • QA: Anything left to do? Assume Desktop is "no, respond to feedback", but anything to do for Mobile?

Background updates

Owner: Ehsan (Dev), Vlad Ghetiu (QA)

Updated workflow for updating users with incompatible add-ons

Owner: Rob, Chris, Ioana Budnar (QA)

Getting the word out

  • plan to post lmandel's blog post Wed/Thurs this week