Program Management/Programs/Silent Update/2012-03-01

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Removal of OS security dialog for Windows

Owner: Brian (Dev), Simona Badau (QA)

  • Re-purposed elm and made sure that the aggregated Aurora security patch would work
  • Landed the aggregated security patch on Aurora
  • bug 730792 - Enable new security checks for updates without the service - status: r+ waiting to land for Monday
  • bug 730821 - Don't do security enhancements on x64 Windows builds - status: landed - was needed since x64 builds aren't signed.
  • bug 730862 - Provide the ability to disable signmar when building modules/libmar - status: landed - was needed because repackaged builds were broken.
  • Some other update tasks but not directly related to this project.

Background updates

Owner: Ehsan (Dev), Vlad Ghetiu (QA)

  • want to start refactoring mozmill tests on Nightly branch to account for background update -- is it enabled on Nightly or are there test builds with updates we can reference?

Updated workflow for updating users with incompatible add-ons

Owner: Rob, Chris, Ioana Budnar (QA)

  • No progress. This will likely be a feature of Firefox 14 or 15 as other work has been prioritized ahead of this work.

Getting the word out


  • Found a bug last week related to Windows System Restore causing updates not to be found -- Rob is working on it -- should we be testing around this more closely? (bug 730285)
    • No. There is a longer term plan to create restore points. Nothing to do in the short term.