Program Management/Programs/Silent Update/2012-03-15

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Background updates

Owner: Ehsan (Dev), Vlad Ghetiu (QA)

  • Ehsan has fixed all issues that QA identified
  • Review of Ehsan's patches is progressing but was put on hold for a couple of other bugs and there are a couple of changes to core code that Rob doesn't think we want to do.

Updated workflow for updating users with incompatible add-ons

Owner: Rob, Chris, Ioana Budnar (QA)

  • Targeted to Firefox 14 or 15 as other work has been prioritized ahead of this work.

Removal of OS Security dialog on Windows

Owner: Brian (Dev), Simona Badau (QA)

  • Updates were blocked on mozilla-central because of a bug in the version compare.
  • It was triggered by the version increase from 13.0a1 to 14.0a1.
  • Ehsan posted a fix for fixing the problem in general
  • Brian created a fix for people that were currently stuck
  • New Nightly builds will be made today and things should be back to normal.
  • Test plan for these problems are in Bug 735784 Comment 18, Comment 42 has a couple clarifications.
  • I tested Nightly m-c upgrades successfully from 2 days ago's 13.0a1 -> today's 14.0a1, and also yesterday's 14.0a1 -> today's 14.0a1.

Getting the word out