Program Management/Weekly-Status-Reports/2012-05-29

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Meeting Topics


  • Still underwater :)
  • Private email threads are a huge problem. Making progress on kicking all conversation to public lists though.
  • Moved all meetings from person-status-centric to app/api/feature-status centric based on v1 deliverables. This ensures non-progress and non-ownership is highlighted, less to slip through cracks.
  • Doing weekly summaries of all B2G activity for Monday project-wide meeting and for Basecamp report:
  • Scheduled weekly triage for Gecko and Gaia
  • Basecamp flags will be available on Thurs
  • Getting a B2G vidyo room so that we can have guests as well as be able to remote mute people
  • While systems are getting better (and quickly), still not all the way there wrt knowing exactly how far behind we are.


Recent/Current Status

Fennec Native (beta)

  • Convergence and risk-management for beta milestone declare and beta releases beta 1 thru beta 3

Fennec Native (release)

  • Convergence and risk-management for GA
    • Lot's of triage; driving dependencies is first priority after monitoring/helping managing blockers. AMO & engaging with web compat program w/ Lawrence is a focus for this week
    • Phone vs. Tablet plan (working with Alex + driving x-functional conversations)
    • Ongoing status communication
  • Overall: once we hit beta, our cadence as a team has much improved we are sort of in rinse/wash/repeat mode with caveats, of course \o/



  • Starting to engage as much as possible; helping onboard Karen, our new PM & working on proposal for planning//communicating future releases


  • Published program management Q1 summary.
  • Silent Updates
    • Background updates landed, had to be preffed off, but is no back on and looks like it will stick. This is the last major piece of the silent update program.
  • Kilimanjaro/Basecamp
    • Need to provide more visibility into this project. Will start reporting on Monday project call. (Should coordinate with Dietrich.) Also want to post more information publicly.
  • Snappy
    • Working with perf team to identify work to support k9o.
    • Continuing to make progress with various projects.
    • Ongoing issue of getting attention on this project even though this is priority 4 for the org after mobile, basecamp, and k9o.
  • Mobile Web compat
    • Announced weekly meeting publicly to get more attention on this effort.
    • Planning to give lightening talk about this next week.
    • Working to establish contact with Google (issues on our side).
    • Investigating issues with Microsoft Web properties.
    • Prioritized on Brazilian market to support Basecamp.
  • Telemetry
    • Followed up on enabled-by-default for Aurora and Nightly. Review has been grouped with a larger policy review. Need to understand ramifications on timeline.
    • Making progress on data validation and verification
    • Should complete last privacy requirement, integrating about:telemetry in the platform, shortly (under review).
  • mediawiki-bugzilla
    • There are issues to address. Have time commitment from WebDev team but no time to manage to ensure issues are being resolved.



  • Worked off site on a special project
  • Banana Bread - Worked with Sheila to get contractor hired

Bugzilla Anthropology

  • Saw progress on nested queries, will be testing them out this week


  • Started - May 29th, 2012


  • Social API
    • Lots of activities going on - SocialAPI component in bugzilla to track items
    • Meeting with Dolske, Gavin, Mike H to review what we have so far
    • Lawrence and I are trying to clean up some of the bugs
    • Not sure how much we will get landed for FF15 - working on some API pieces
  • Kilimanjaro
    • A few things unresolved since PM team was out last week
    • Moved triage sessions - now Mon/Wed
  • Stability work week
    • Brainstorming agenda for work week -
    • Put together daily breakdown by the end of the week - June 1
    • Kairo in town next week - will have him join next week's meeting
    • Many conflicts with channel meetings and other - looking to delegate some crash related activities.
  • Other
    • Rearranging 1:1s
    • Lots of interviews for Apps PM
    • Mike starting this week - will be pulled into a bunch of B2G meetings to help Mike get up to speed