Program Management/Weekly-Status-Reports/2012-06-19

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Meeting Topics

  • Rumour has it the Apps team has hired a project manager \o/
  • Bugzilla Anthropology stuff
  • B2G - tracking, organization, status


  • PTO - until July 2nd.


  • Continued risk management and status for Fennec Native: we're close!
  • Tracking ratings
  • Milestone report to capture everything needed for go-live to be sure we are successful and loose ends are minimal (end game schedule creation, benchmarks, min sys requirements, black listing phones, final qualification plan) [in progress, GA readiness review tomorrow @ 11:30AM).
  • Provided assistance to on-board Karen
  • Contributed to slide stack for meeting with Samsung; this will provide a good prototype for future meetings with OEMs
  • Off-loading and leveraging Release Management in order to plan 14.0.1 and 15 based on Product's roadmap
  • Facilitated ARMv6 kick-off & tracking next steps
  • Volunteered to project/program manage the "Font Inflation 2.0" feature. Building recommendations to leverage Jet's holistic approach
  • Helping with back-story on status reports
  • 2 in-person interviews and debriefs for Apps Team and one Phone Screen for Release Management

Areas on my radar for the rest of this week and next: status on mobile running chromelessfollow up with martin on what games effort means for fennec, working with Lawrence to engage on web compat.

Mid-term: Maybe helping build quality program for device compatibility and thinking ahead on new areas of testing and automation to satisfy roadmap requirements.


  • Kilimnajaro triage continues, need to start focusing on individual requirements to flush out missing pieces
  • Mobile Web Compat
    • Updated report with top 50 lists from key locales
    • Have A-Team proposal for automated tool for long tail of the Web - need to review with stakeholders
  • Not making much progress on Telemetry due to lack of time


  • Researched Test Cases for B2G & Fennec
  • Researched Game Candidates for B2G & Fennec
  • Porting projects ongoing, hitting milestones, minor concerns but nothing that looks to risk timeline
  • New schema for Bugzilla Anthropology ready for testing with live data, delaying testing to focus on B2G
  • Received summary report on interviews for UofW, not final but 95% there
  • Created Basecamp burndown chart for Bugzilla
  • After people account migration caused site operations interruption, worked to make sure site was restored to working order
  • Worked to get team B2G phones for testing


Last Week (Ending 6/15)

  • Continued meeting folks and coming up to speed
  • Created PO for 100 additional ZTE phones
  • Meet with TF and reviewed:
    • B2G demos for TF July 5th Investors meeting
    • Master Schedule (Gant chart)
  • Obtained ZTE phone and started trying features

This Week (Ending 6/22)

  • Ensure B2G demo requurenebts are communicated to the teams and have owners
  • Cover Gaia meeting
  • Work on B2G x-team progress tracking and reporting


  • Mostly spending time on Social API and B2G
  • Social API
    • Engaged with Gavin, Dolske who are helping to get some pieces landed in m-c. Should have some stuff this week.
    • Working with Asa, Todd, Susan on messaging, what we think we will have in Fx16 etc.
    • Sending out status summaries several times a week.
  • B2G
    • Dietrich out, helping Mike
    • Still struggling to get everything organized.
    • Working with Paxton on defining modules, point people, where burn down info is and dependencies.
    • Product team working on next level of detail for requirements.
  • Other stuff - reviews, hiring.