Program Management/Weekly-Status-Reports/2012-06-26

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Meeting Topics

  • Mobile baby, yeah! \o/
  • Basecamp
  • Resource contention - latest communication on priorities
  • Reviews/hiring update


  • PTO - until July 2nd.


• I may or may not make this; will be here at 5:00AM MTV
• Mobile release risk management/mitigation
• Intensive beta review and mining of data on Google Play
• Constant review of new bugs/new noms
• Fulfilling product requests
• Bug 764518 - Fennec Native Go Live: Be sure blocked devices are properly filtered <== drove effort to scrub to find specs for almost 700 devices
• Obtained sign-off from cross-functional teams and drove GA Readiness Review & follow ups (in-person legal review/sign off, & server ops sign off)
• Starting on Post-Mortem survey


  • Basecamp
    • Working with GFX/Layout and WebAPI teams to define scope/work, identify dependencies, and draft schedule.
  • Kilimanjaro
    • Triage seems to be primarily focused around Apps, Marketplace, and AItC, with some Identity. Not surprising as B2G is handled as part of basecamp triage and there aren't a lot of requirements on desktop and mobile outside of Apps.
  • Mobile Web Compat
    • Lots of meeting attendance but little resource to do leg work. Need to engage broader Mozilla community.
  • Silent update
    • Background Updates preffed on for Windows on Aurora. \o/
  • Snappy
    • Moving more slowly as resource have been pulled for various other priorities. Working on resource contention issues.


  • Out this week through Wed.


  • B2G work week in Barcelona.


  • Social API
    • Tracking bugs and progress really closely since we are trying to land in Fx16 and are 3 weeks into the cycle.
    • Daily checkins and summaries going out.
  • Basecamp
    • Working with Paxton and PMs on requirements refactoring - great meeting on Friday but need follow-up.
    • Trying to coordinate with Chris Lee and Andreas on a follow-up meeting to discuss other areas we didn't cover.
    • Look at bugzilla/github dump that that Bob's team helped with.
  • Stability
    • Still lots of follow-up after work week.
    • Marcia and Kairo both out so need to regroup next week.
    • Following all the crazyness with Flash and crashes.
  • A bunch of mundane HR related tasks