Program Management/Weekly-Status-Reports/2012-07-02

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Meeting Topics

  • Hiring update
  • Q3 goals
  • Resource contention


  • PTO - until July 2nd.


PTO: 6/29-7/4


On PTO today.


  • Was away most of the week
  • Catching up on email
  • Presentation to Asa on game status


Last Week: June 24-30 Barcelona B2G Work Week

  • Meet a number of B2G folks from Mozilla, Telefonica, Qcomm --- there is a lot of great talent here!
  • Scripts for TEF Investor's Demo were completed and tested on Otoro
    • Notes on the demo can be found here:
    • Demo feedback from TEF was positive
    • Camera on Otoro was not working due to GB-ICS issues - ZTE delivered an new ICS build Thursday, hopefully the Camera issues will be resolved this week - note: Camera is not a requirement for the investor's demo

This Week: July 1 - 7

  • Complete 1st draft of software updates with flows, partners, ect.
  • Go over program status (bugs, issues, etc)
  • Start B2G weekly build evaluations - the goal is to have a group of volunteers sit in a room and try using all v1 features. Awards given for most P1 bugs found???
  • Sync up with Dietrich and Kevin