Program Management/Weekly-Status-Reports/2012-07-10

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  • B2G burn down
  • Status of k9o
  • Organization priorities



• 14.0.1, shipping on 7/17:
• 15, shipping on 8/28
• Figuring out new format for status
• Customer feedback
• Managing Readability 2.0
• ARMv6
• Tablet support
• Feature parity
• Post-Mortem


  • Review usefulness of k9o triage
  • Assembled B2G burn down info
  • Lots of churn on Telemetry with refocus of priorities
  • Mobile Web compat effort is seeing more focus, working to expand to community involvement


  • Researched Mobile requirements and developing plan, ongoing this week
  • Started work on Communication Plan for Games, continue this week
  • Worked with Metrics on ES database schema verification, very close to final and should be completed next week
  • Working with Marketing to accurately catalog game related feature roll out found in Fx15


Last Week ending July 7th

  • Completed 1st draft of software updates with flows, partners, ect.
  • Reviewed program status (bugs, issues, etc)
  • Started B2G weekly build evaluations - need SIM cards
  • Additional 100 ZTE Kis phones delayed by ZTE, escalated with ZTE
  • "Stop Light" templated created for high level daily status

This Week ending July 14th

  • Distribute software update flows for review
  • Update "Stop Light" status
  • Weekly Status report for B2G
  • Distribute burndown report s
  • Order 500 phones for B2G internal and 3rd party development


  • At the beach - woot!!!