Program Management/Weekly-Status-Reports/2012-07-17

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  • k9o
  • B2G communications plan
    • List of email channels we use
    • B2G blog?
    • List of stakeholders (detailed emails)
    • Close on list of drivers
    • Close on list of people responsible for content
    • People want to know what the last stable build is, people want to know what the last demoable build
  • Q3 goals



• Many interviews last week
• 14.0.1 wrap-up, sign off activities. We shipped TODAY :
• 15, shipping on 8/28
• Acquainting myself with managing many releases across multiple trains Mozilla style
• Figuring out new format for status
• Customer feedback
• Mobile Feature Driving

  • Managing Readability 2.0
    • ARMv6
    • Tablet support
    • Feature parity
    • WebRT

• Post-Mortem

PENDING: Syncing up with Martin and creating road map for A-Team (sort of pro-bono which helps mobile and hopefully b2g, too)


  • PTO this Thurs and Fri
  • Working more on Basecamp status reporting - lots of work to do
  • Lots of work going on for mobile Web compat
    • Testing Webkit CSS aliasing
    • Testing prevelance of srcElement (bug 453968)
    • Pushing to finalize B2G UA (bug 761873)
    • published
    • Need more focus on contacting sites for fixes
  • New action happening for both Snappy and Telemetry



Last Week ending July 14th

  • Distributed software update flows for review
  • Update "Stop Light" status is about 60% complete
  • Template for Weekly Status report for B2G reviewed and some status collected
  • Burndown report sent to Damon
  • Additional phone order postponed pending resolution of availability with ZTE

This Week ending July 21th

  • Send B2G software distribution flow to TEF for review
  • Complete and maintain "Stop Light" status
  • Completed Weekly Status report for B2G
  • Create PO for additional phones from ZTE.


  • Out last week - still catching up on some email.
  • Tracking to get the rest of social api in Fx16. We landed some pieces before the merge, a few to follow this week and uplifted to Aurora.
  • Q3 goals - help get those drafted.
  • B2G
    • Helping with communications plan.
    • Helping with daily and weekly status.
  • Need to spend some time on crashkill - particularly on tracking and triage.