Program Management/Weekly-Status-Reports/2012-07-24

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  • Mobile Web compat
    • Facebook updated, some remaining issues but now works well on Firefox
    • Platform: Analysis of impact of Webkit CSS prefix aliasing and srcElement DOM element alias
    • Investigation to start on Web frameworks/libraries
    • Need more focus on site outreach
  • Snappy
    • GFX team is back on Snappy, expecting more front-end resources soon
    • Spoke with Clint and Will (A-Team) about Eideticker for desktop
  • Telemetry: Making progress again with metrics
    • Need to continue prioritizing remaining work
  • With Caitlin on Apps I will be decreasing my involvement in Apps related activities


  • PTO


  • Last Week ending July 21th
    • B2G software distribution flow sent TEF
    • Weekly Status report for B2G distributed
  • This Week ending July 28th
    • Weekly B2G Status Report
    • Daily B2G Status Reports
    • Help with Gaia workweek
    • Follow up on phone order (100 Otoro devices)
    • Release flow review


  • Closely tracking social api work. Most of stuff will be landing this week in m-c, looking at uplifting stuff to Aurora.
  • Out at an offsite Wed/Thurs - unavailable by email during the day, online in the evening.
  • Helping out on B2G - burndown, weekly status, tracking general progress.
  • Getting a few things launched on the stability side
    • Working with metrics for help with data/trend analysis
    • We want to involve community more. Talking to team about getting a newsletter out weekly or every 2 weeks.
  • Team Q3 goals - making sure they line up with Engineering Q3 goals.