Program Management/Weekly-Status-Reports/2012-08-14

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  • PM offsite
    • Floated with Ashley
    • Speaking with Damon tomorrow
  • B2G dashboards/burndown
    • Martin getting the review queues up and running.
    • Dietrich - using our fix rate of blockers, can we come up with some course projections for completion.
    • Worried about expectation management.
    • Take 2 slices of what we have right now and look at the trend.
    • The current scope of work doesn't include bug fixing.
    • Michael will need some help on the stoplight chart - Dietrich made some updates to the formula.
    • Martin/Lawrence - setup a meeting to discuss the prediction stuff.
  • Adding something personal to these meetings
  • Marketplace issue tracking
    • Using bugzilla but not tagging stuff as blocking specifically.
    • Who is managing triage? Wil and Krupa.
    • Caitlin will look into getting a list of blockers.





  • Caught up on my huge email back log after vacation (2 days).
    • Met with Lawrence to figure out best path forward on Dashboard work.
  • Created Dashboard for tracking current review queue size.
  • Synced up with Erin on Android about current work being done via the games team on focused on Firefox Android.
    • Driving investigation into compressed textures on mobile, making sure that the hardware support is being confirmed.
  • Started outreach to game developers in advance of Fx15 release.
  • Worked with Alon and Gregor to get BananaBread demos to shippable state, we are now code and content complete although minor tweaks are still in the works.
  • Worked with Bobby Richter on BananaBread website.
  • Worked with Alon to setup video for BananaBread demo as a fall back for those that can't support it.
  • Worked with Ehsan to correct remaining bugs in Damon's special port project, yes I actually was deep in the code figuring out what was going wrong and we did and that is now ready to present to the partner!
  • Worked with Marketing to figure out the FX15 release and how to advertise the BananaBread demo.


  • Weekly status reports picked up a new section - Release engineering. This week will add Legal and maybe Schedule.
  • Changing the name from 'B2G' to 'FireFox OS' since the status covers the entire FireFox OS eco system.
  • FireFox OS Phone order status is tracked here: - 80 ZTE phones were shipped from Shenzhen Monday.
  • Working on a consolidated TEF / Mozilla status report based on the 'StopLight Status' tab in the B2G Milestone 5 Plan
  • Waiting for Brazil visa


  • Social API
    • Many pieces landed in Fx16 but more work ongoing for Fx17.
    • Chat window is the big item for Fx17.
    • Starting to test out MoTown.
  • PM offsite
    • Planning and approval.
  • Stability
    • Working on a regular crash newsletter.
    • Jump start crash triage.
    • Talking with metrics about crash trending.
  • Admin stuff
    • Reviews/Hiring