Program Management/Weekly-Status-Reports/2012-08-21

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  • FirefoxOS - expectations management.
  • Smartsheets.



  • Boston Work Week
  • Product Goals Brainstorm Session
  • Actually hacked to create an add-on; still needs work
  • Presented Program/Project management role info to the team; articulated general plan and role definition now
  • Feature Management: WebRT/Apps support risk management, Readability 2.0, and general roadmap
  • New and awesome goals: dig deep into certain features and build tools so we can automate and scale PM support for mobile


  • Snappy work week is a go Sept 10-15 in Warsaw (right after MozCamp)
  • Mobile Web Compat
    • Support for H.264/AAC/MP3 landed on Nightly (bug 759945) fixes lots of site issues
      • Need to determine list of supported devices + Android versions
  • MozCamp EU
    • Working on schedule for Desktop and Mobile track
    • Reviewing presentation content (slides)


  • Developing a B2G trend prediction
  • Working towards the BananaBread release
    • This includes video production
    • Website work
    • Figuring out how to associate this with Firefox/Mozilla in a brand friendly way
    • Working with Marketing on various blog posts and what not
  • Gathering feedback from developers, plenty of intro calls last week
  • Prep for Weekly meeting presentation on BananaBread


  • Meet with TEF to review current status. The StopLight Tab in 'B2G Milestone 5' is the de facto report between TEF and Mozilla.
  • Revise FireFox OS weekly status report to include:
    • Open/Closed and other burdown dashboards
    • Blocked Bug counts
    • Links to Daily Smoke Test Results
    • Links to StopLight chart
  • Follow up on issues from B2G Drivers's meeting. 17 issues identified and owners assigned.
  • Prep / Agenda for WW in Sao Paulo


  • Social API
    • Tracking stuff as we try and land in Fx17.
    • Working with marketing to understand how we will track usage metrics.
    • Help with testing.
  • FirefoxOS
    • More involvement with schedule and expectations setting.
    • Helping Michael add more useful data to the weekly report to reflect state of things.
  • Stability
    • Helping the team get together a stability newsletter for release around Sept 4th.
    • Tracking situation around B2G crashes.
  • Lots of administrative junk.