Program Management/Weekly-Status-Reports/2012-09-04

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  • FirefoxOS
    • Schedule update - dates for feature development. Team focused on controlling scope.
    • Some areas of concern still around scope creep.
    • Continue to update the model as we go - we are tracking it currently.
  • Kyle starting soon
    • Contractor to finish on Martin's dashboarding work.
    • Front-end? Back-end? He should be able to work on both.
  • BananaBread update
    • 60K views of the vidyo.
    • Lots of great press and feedback.
  • Caitlin
    • Share some marketplace slides next week.
    • Some major announcements last week.
    • Identity and payments - push on v2 since there are risks with v1.
  • Tauni
    • We are focused on v2 for Identity.
    • V1 overview this week - talk about what the roll-out looks like.
    • Tauni will cc Dietrich on meeting.
    • Persona - on schedule for Beta launch - Sept 18th




  • OOO Fri Sept 7 - Wed Sep 19
    • Sep 7-9 MozCamp
    • Sep 10-14 Snappy work week
    • Sep 17-18 PTO for Rosh Hashanah (Jewish new year)


  • MozCamp EU
  • Firefox OS
    • Been working on some updates to the issue dashboard. Will add time stamp, issue/bug list, some descriptive text, and will drop the track line (until we're ready for this).
  • Snappy
    • Prep for work week



Sao Paulo Meetings

  • Mozilla and TEF aligned on QA goals:
    • Daily smoke tests run by both Mozilla and TEF on nightly builds
    • Joint development and execution of acceptance tests
    • TEF's JIRA will be the repository for the acceptance tests with access granted to Mozilla QA, PgM
  • Mozilla and TEF aligned on Firefox OS Status Reporting
    • Application Status Weekly Update
    • V1 Required features will be locked down for each application
    • Acceptance criteria will be developed for each feature
    • Passed, Failed, and Blocked count for each Application baed on the results of the acceptance tests
  • Schedule agreements reached on:
    • Sept. 28th - Code Complete (no new features or applications after code complete)
    • Nov. 9th - Code Freeze (only ship blocking bugs fixed after code freeze)
    • Features not complete by Sept 28th will be dropped from v1
    • Required features not complete by Sept. 28th will be reviewed and may result in a schedule revision

This Week

  • Review Applications with TEF
  • Review Mozilla's QA support regarding acceptance criteria (Bob and Sheila)


  • Social API
    • Working with team and Asa to define bugs we need fixed in Fx17
    • Help to test feature.
  • FirefoxOS
    • More involvement with schedule and expectations setting.
  • Stability
    • Stability newsletter has progressed to a blog.
    • Working with marketing to define target audience and message.
    • Fx15 crashes - lots of activity.
    • Kairo and Marcia at Mozcamp so will have to track crashes more closely when they're away.
  • Talk to bsmedberg about help tracking some stuff for Fx17.
  • The usual administrative stuff.