Program Management/Weekly-Status-Reports/2012-09-11

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  • Kyle started this week.
    • Finish off bugzilla anthropology work.
    • Include github data.
    • Work on more dashboards.
  • B2G Schedule
    • Some things at risk.
    • Some visual design stuff going on.
    • Some platform issues that are taking a while - feedback and iteration taking a long time.
    • Michael - key metrics - projections and open bug count.
    • Platform stuff that needs to be done by 9/28 is being tagged in the whiteboard
    • Medium stuff will be post 9/28
    • Martin - trend in the data shows the team is closing out stuff faster. Scope is about the same, still growing.
    • Chris - scheduling a meeting this week - identify at risk features.
    • PM team doing most of the partner communication - account management.
    • ADUs - how are we going to measure this.
  • Offsite
    • October 22nd



  • Number one focus is supporting the success of the proposed roadmap for mobile;powering through wiki's for releases and features to build a foundation for more scalable tools (what information do we need and at what level of detail)
  • Features
    • ARMv6
    • C2D Messaging
    • WebRT
    • Readability
    • Media support
    • Sync 2.0
    • Google campaign tracking
  • Misc
    • Comm plan
    • Week-by-week schedule
    • SUMO reboot; working with Tyler to enhance feedback for mobile
    • Crowdsourcing testing effort


In Warsaw this week at the Snappy work week

  • MozCamp EU
  • Snappy
    • Work week this week
    • My goals are to group our work into comprehensible buckets, define goals for each bucket, initial plan for completing each goal
  • Mobile Web Compat
    • MozCamp presentation went well - some good participation
    • Progress by A-Team on automated UA sniffing and CSS comparison tool


  • Worked on cleaning up code for new hire (Kyle) arrival
  • Started expanded out reach to game tool makers
  • Worked on prediction model and test alternative approaches that could give more stable results
  • Improved game bug query process
  • Triage game backlog
  • Worked with WebGL team to get ATC compressed textures landed in time for Firefox OS code freeze


  • Get closure on FF OS Appliction and Featrues required for v1
    • Features are forced ranked within an application
    • Cut line for must have v1 features
  • Complete FF OS software distribution flows
    • who owns update notification and delivery (OEM, Mobile Operattor, or Mozilla)
    • Packaged Apps updates
  • FF OS Status Report
    • Improve timeliness of status
    • Work with content owners to supply missing content (Security, Services, Marketing...)
    • Add LOE metrics for L, M, S counts


  • Social API
    • Still lots to track for Fx17
    • Bug fixes/enhancements
    • Meeting with metrics about telemetry/data
  • FirefoxOS
    • More involvement with schedule and expectations setting.
  • Stability
    • Stability blog/newsletter on hold - waiting for PR and Marketing
    • More involvement with B2G crash development
  • Helping track click-to-play work for Fx17
  • The usual administrative stuff.
  • Hiring plan for 2013