Program Management/Weekly-Status-Reports/2012-09-18

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  • PTO


  • Last week was primarily focused on knowledge transfer to Kyle on Bugzilla Anthropology project
  • Continued outreach to games companies
  • Created project charter for BananaBread multiplayer support
  • Worked with Foundation to coordinate the transfer of one of their employees to the games team
  • Talked with Mobile Product manager about games and what is happening
  • Talked with organizer of MozFest to figure out how games can be represented
  • Continued to refine the prediction model
  • Licensing work relating to BananaBread demo


  • FF OS Weekly Status Report
  • FF OS Feature status alignment with TEF reports
  • Work with Dietrich on at risk P1 feature completion estimates
  • FF OS Updates - issues and decisions
  • Track status of Dogfooding phone order


  • Social API
    • Some key fixes landing this week.
  • CTP
    • Tracking work for Fx18
  • Metrics
    • Working with Gilbert & team for ADUs tracking for Firefox OS and stats for Social API
  • Stability
    • Stability blog/newsletter on hold - waiting for PR and Marketing
  • Hiring plan for 2013
  • Offsite planning