Program Management/Weekly-Status-Reports/2012-10-09

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  • Roadmap priorities and resource leveling preparations and meetings took up most of the week
  • Great progress with readability: re-flow on zoom landed and is ready for testing on aurora!
  • ARMv6 testing is really challenging right now; bottle-necked on resources: need to really focus on this
  • Go/No-Go for Android WebtRT/Apps Market place is set for tomorrow; no hard blockers on the Fennec side
  • Google campaign tracking landed in Fx17 at the 11th hour in time for beta testing!
  • Kicked off iOS discussion


  • B2G
    • Reset issue dashboard to show burndown to code complete.
    • Scheduled risk identification sessions with QA teams
  • Performance
    • Working on plans with dmandelin and taras
    • Telemetry Q4 planning session held last week with metrics
  • Mobile Web compat
  • Update
    • Several discussions happening about users stuck on old Firefox versions - what are the underlying issues and how can we bring them up-to-date?


  • Slower week was sick for a good part of it.
  • Jira setup for Bugzilla Anthropology project on Metrics installations.
  • Worked on tweaks to the prediction model and filtered out data due to spikes and data migration causing issues.
  • Worked on outreach to B2G team to figure out if I can help with getting games onto FirefoxOS.


  • FFOS Feature audit Monday and Tuesday
  • Merge FFOS audit results with FFOS Application status
  • Look for help writing FFOS QA test cases
  • Work on FFOS integrated schedule (Mozilla, TEF, TCL, QC time lines and dependencies)


  • Social API
    • Asa out this week - tracking some key fixes we want to uplift to beta
    • Dogfooding
  • PM offsite planning
    • Agenda
    • Working with Ashley to firm up logistics
  • B2G
    • Whatever Michael and Dietrich need help with
    • Working with Erin on more detailed analysis of impact of resources we have shifted
  • Hiring
    • Recruiter engaged, starting to get some resumes.