Program Management/Weekly-Status-Reports/2012-10-30

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  • B2G burndown will not be automatically updated this weekend due to a scheduled power outage in Toronto office
  • B2G dogfooding bugs
    • Burst after the phones came out
    • Lots of dups
    • New bugs - more corner cases and feature requests
    • Challenge to push back and explain the story
    • Will re-run the prediction model 4 weeks after feature freeze
    • Chart looks flat - lull after feature freeze - big spike in scope
  • Next actions review from last week
    • Presentation
    • Status template
    • Project Charter
  • PM terminology/definitions (ala dietrich's e-mail)



Fx17 Convergence

  • h.264 for JB, ICS
  • ARMv6 support
  • Tile-by-tile enabled by default

Fx18, Fx19, Fx20, Fx21 Planning

  • WebRT
  • Readability 2.0
  • NextGen Sync
  • Android Product Announcements
  • Private Browsing
  • ... and so much more!
  • My first stab at a per version cheat sheet to understand what needs to happen and when:
  • <=== can someone help me out by letting me know how I could add time-counter widgets?


  • B2G
    • Picked up test drivers phone, filing bugs
  • Performance
    • Pushing on remaining Telemetry enabled-by-default blockers
    • Continue to work on plans
  • Mobile Web Compat
    • Working with UA sniffing framework authors to recognize Firefox mobile UAs
    • Created draft community involvement plan with Ali Spivak, working to finalize docs and reports for plan
    • Looking for help with site deep dives



  • PTO
  • Planning for 'Schedule' session druing SF workweek


  • Social API
    • Still tracking and testing for Fx17 GA
    • Planning for multi-provider support
  • FHR
    • Going to help Gilbert and team by drafting a project charter and communications plan.
  • PM process
    • Start thinking about presentation around the process we outlined
    • Templates
  • Hiring