Program Management/Weekly-Status-Reports/2012-12-04

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  • Offer out to Marco
  • More on 2013 staffing
  • How are you using the artifacts (project plan, lifecycle, etc.) from the PM offsite?
  • Next PM offsite? First week of Feb?


  • Daily driving of remaining user stories bugs.
  • Daily stand-ups with Qualcomm and Mister Treese, and driving of those bugs.
  • Working on detailing the 1.0 customization options for use by OEMs and carriers.
  • Trying to get ahead of incoming OEM hardware changes.


Mobile Roadmap
  • ARMVv6 Testing: shepherding of Mob4Hire continues; sourcing HW
  • Managing risk around product announcements, readability (we should be closing the deal on font licensing this week
  • Marketplace: Packaged Apps triage and scoping. Banner shipped in FX17 Beta unplanned and we are negotiating removal for Beta 3
  • Sync2.0: Need alignment around identity pieces, there is a meeting among dev managers today
  • Fx Android roadmap review for 2013 tomorrow
  • MWC Planning and coordination
    • In Progress: Weekly status. This needs to happen!
    • Long poles: meeting with Milan on thurs, sync/shared profiles reside on the same dependencies as Fx Android
    • Cleaning up timeline with Martin to align with users stories on Wed


  • Platform technical roadmap
    • Continue to get feedback, refine and expand audience.
  • B2G
    • Platform triage has ramped up. Booked for 1h daily. Some days taking 2+ hours for triage related work.
  • Performance
    • Outstanding Telemetry enabled-by-default blockers: update download pages, update press FAQ, land code change, final sign-off from Jishnu
  • Mobile Web Compat
    • Getting closer on updates for UA detection frameworks/products
    • Deep dive site investigation in bug 811421 wrapped up, review this Thurs
    • Reviewing list of potential sites for B2G UA whitelist


  • Drove QA review of User Stories for Metro.
  • Worked on Projection Model.
  • Worked on plan for this weeks iteration meeting.
  • Reporting on various projects.


  • Integrate Marketing timelines with current FFOS TCL and ZTE timelines
  • Propose FFOS overall program review for all teams: Engineering, Marketplace, etc.
  • Daily meetings with QC


  • Hiring plan for 2013
    • Trying to fill remaining req's for 2012
    • Likely won't get everything for 2013
  • Helping with Engineering goals
  • Social API
    • Planning v1.5
    • Working on multi-provider support
  • Firefox Health Report
    • Lots of pieces in play, slow to get closure.
  • Stability
    • Handing off most tracking to Kairo, still helping the team with some intiatives