Program Management/Weekly-Status-Reports/2013-01-29

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  • PM offsite
    • Week of April 8th
    • Location TBD
  • Requirements management system







  • Iteration #1 - as of January 29, 2013:
    • Reached the mid-point - 5 work days remain till the conclusion on Monday February 4.
    • 24 story points out of 99 have been completed.
    • Total number of story points forecasted for completion at the end of Iteration #1 is 35.
    • Team will not accomplish their commitment of completed 99 story points of work.
    • While below the commitment level, this is above my personal expectation of what the team would achieve.
  • Iteration #2:
    • Review and Planning session already scheduled for Tuesday February 5.
    • Wednesday February 6 is being held in reserve in case Team requires more time to plan.
  • Metro Wiki Updating:
    • All Iteration #1 statistics and Iteration #2 planning details will be present on the Wiki on Wednesday February 6 (EOD).
  • Legacy Work:
    • Progress is being made to re-organize the legacy work related to Metro.
    • For February 4, Asa is attempting to complete the following:
      • Adding details to all Feature Stories marked as 'on hold' in Bugzilla.
      • Final review and edit of Feature Stories recorded in the Product Backlog on ScrumBug.
      • Re-organization Feature Stories marked as 'stories for editing' in Bugzilla.
    • If Asa doesn't complete the three tasks listed above the project is still on track as we have enough completed/detailed Feature Stories ready to be selected for Iteration #2.
      • The impact of a delay from those three tasks delays our ability to create a forecast release schedule.
      • Instead of providing the forecast for Iteration #2 it would be provided at Iteration #3.