Program Management/Weekly-Status-Reports/2013-02-05

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  • Brendan offsite next week
  • FFOS





  • WebAudio Version 1 requirements.
  • Overseeing demos for upcoming conferences.
  • Managing announcements for Firefox 19.


  • MWC
    • Resolve problems with Ikura (ZTE Mozillza Open)
    • 50 Toro (LG L5) are due by the end of the week. Need to prep these phones
    • Demo Training
  • FFOS v1.0 and v1.0.1 merge.
    • Get agreement on scope
    • Need QC review of v1.0.1 scope to determine QC next steps


  • Iteration #1 - Completed:
    • Total value of iteration story points committed to: 102
    • Total value of iteration story points completed: 30
    • Total number of iteration stories committed to: 13
    • Total number of iteration stories completed: 5
    • Number of new Change Stories: TBD.
    • Number of new Defect Stories: TBD.
    • Team efficiency rate for story point value completion: 29%
    • Team efficiency rate for number of stories completed: 38%
    • Iteration build is currently under QA and Product Owner review.
    • Any Defect and Change Stories will be presented to the team on Wednesday February 6.
  • Iteration #2:
    • Review and Planning session scheduled for Wednesday February 6.
    • Iteration #2 is scheduled to run from Thursday February 7 - Wednesday February 20.
  • Metro Wiki Updating:
    • All Iteration #1 statistics and Iteration #2 planning details will be available on the Metro Wiki on Wednesday February 6 (EOD).


  • Recruiting
    • Trying to fill our platform req from last year
    • Putting in a special request for FFOS PM.
  • FHR
    • Likely won't release in Fx20 but looking at maybe having some pieces
    • Tracking user facing health report
    • Perf review underway
  • Social API
    • Progress slow - still trying to finish up multi-provider support