Program Management/Weekly-Status-Reports/2013-02-19

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  • Working with on mobile Web testing
  • Working through staffing plans for mobile Web compat
  • Have taken over the platform meeting
  • Backlog of performance related planning to address



  • Working on phones for MWC
  • Working on setting up meetings with ZTE, TEF at MWC to review project schedule
  • Working on setting up meetings with LG, TEF at MWC to review project schedule


  • Iteration #2 Update:
    • Remaining days in iteration = 3
    • Points closed to date = 18
    • Stories closed/verified to date = 3
    • Reopened Stories: 4
    • Priority 1 Change/Defect Stories: 1
    • Remaining points in iteration = 97
  • Performance To Date:
    • Confirmed Story Backlog: 19 ready for upcoming iterations.
    • Legacy Stories: 12 remaining for QA testing (originally totalled 37).
    • On Hold Stories: 6 remaining for Product Manager clarification before being moved into Story Backlog.
    • Triage Work: 16 items for Product Manager to review before being converted to Defects.
    • Stories to be Planned: 26 stories for Team to review, relate work items to them and assign point values.
  • Updates:
    • As each story is completed it is submitted to QA for funtionality testing.
    • Last week the team had completed 7 stories totalling 40 story points.
      • The Team had completed more points at the half-way point of Iteration #2 than all of Iteration #1.
    • 4 of the 7 stories had quality issues and were reopened reducing our story point completion count to 18.
    • This follows our 'Definition of Done' to ensure the project does not collect any 'technical debt' moving forward.