Program Management/Weekly-Status-Reports/2013-04-09

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  • Update on hiring
  • Recent organizational changes
  • Mozilla Summit 2013
  • GDC update - let Martin bask in the glory
  • FFOS - upcoming work week, help down the stretch
  • Mozilla-wide PM meet-up
  • Q2 goals
  • Product Requirements Management System -




  • Wrapping up Git information collection
  • Restructuring performance program coordination around smaller projects with defined technical owners, monthly program review
  • Mobile Web compat
    • Making progress on hiring
    • Slow progress on site outreach
    • Need to sit down and create detailed project plans to focus effort
  • Telemetry looking at project reboot based on lessons learned from developers using the tool



This week:

  • 4-way meeting with TEF/LG/QC/Moz to review v1.1 Plan A and Plan B schedules
  • Update timelines for v1.0.1 with lauch dates
  • Update timeline for v1.1
  • Work on messaging for v1.1 Plan A and Plan B


Metro Highlights

  • The review of the V1 Feature List will be conducted on Tuesday April 16.
    • Product Manager's recommendations for those features that can be removed from the initial release will be presented to the project team for their feedback.
    • Those features selected for removal will be taken into account in the production release forecast of the Iteration #5 status report.
  • Merged the project's 'On Hold' and 'To Be Planned' backlogs into one (Planning) to simplify the process of organizing stories (features, defects and changes) which require modification before entering the story backlog for selection in upcoming iterations.
  • Created a new backlog to manage the project's defect and change stories (Defect & Change Backlog) to better prioritize them in isolation.
  • A cap on the number of defect and change story points allocated to each upcoming iteration will be implemented.
    • This initiative will assist in managing the contingency fund allocated to defect and change stories so the project does not deplete them too soon.
    • Defects will be prioritized over changes.
    • Implementation will occur following the revision of the V1 Feature List.
  • Received an update from Shea regarding the recruitment of a new Metro Front-End Engineer.
    • The number of applicants has been low and an external agency has been sourced to actively recruit for the position.

Metro Performance Summary

  • Total Work: 122 total story points - 35 bugs.
    • 5 existing feature changes.
    • 18 existing feature defects.
    • 12 new features.
  • Completed Work: 49 story points closed - 21 bugs - 40% complete.
    • 3 existing feature change.
    • 12 existing feature defects.
    • 6 new features
  • Remaining Work: 73 story points remaining - 14 bugs - 60% complete
    • 2 existing feature changes.
    • 6 existing feature defects.
    • 6 new features.

Metro Work Details

831918 Story - Pin, Unpin, Hide, and Restore a Top Site ASSIGNED
833182 Story - Updating Firefox ASSIGNED
833305 Story - Sporadic soft keyboard display when taping form input / address bar text edit RESOLVED-FIXED
836791 Story - Junior-style back and new tab overlay buttons ASSIGNED
841228 Defect - Hover state on buttons (like the bookmark star) persists after you tap the button VERIFIED-FIXED
842639 Story - watch and listen to video and audio RESOLVED-FIXED
844658 Story - text field context menus RESOLVED-FIXED
845484 Story - Choose types of private data to clear in the options flyout RESOLVED-FIXED
846275 Defect - On first install win8 prompt does not have firefox listed RESOLVED-FIXED
846422 Change - Context menu overlays flyouts VERIFIED-FIXED
848155 Change - Add Colored Bar with Text to Bottom of Topsites Thumbnails VERIFIED-FIXED
848594 Story - Dragging the starting selection monocle to the left in a scrollable text input with selection doesn't work RESOLVED-FIXED
850413 Story - Repositioning content for skb display ASSIGNED
850673 Defect - Double clicking Next in Find bar selects and displays grippers for next selectable instance VERIFIED-FIXED
850737 Story - Smoothly scroll the Firefox Start screen ASSIGNED
851592 Change - allow user to touch empty space in Firefox Start screen to dismiss url info bar ASSIGNED
852014 Defect - Issues downloading and installing msi RESOLVED-FIXED
852805 Defect - Adding "Enter" shortcut while using search (CTRL + F) VERIFIED-FIXED
854072 Defect - Press and hold on empty space brings up nonsensical context menu options ASSIGNED
854269 Defect - "Pin" still selected when pressing "Back" or "Forward" buttons VERIFIED-FIXED
854271 Defect: about: image does not display and link 404s ASSIGNED
854274 Defect - Showing the "Tab Dock" when creating new tabs using "+" button RESOLVED-FIXED
854881 Change - Remove Master Password Support VERIFIED-FIXED
855090 Story - Move mochitests into a sub dir under browser/metro/base/tests VERIFIED-FIXED
855417 Defect - Tap on an empty text input places caret selection monocle at the top of the screen VERIFIED-FIXED
855578 Change - Leaving website error message should appear modal ASSIGNED
855581 Defect - New tab created if you receive "Leave Page" error and only a single tab is present ASSIGNED
855587 Defect - Predefined bookmarks should be to final URL and not to a page that will redirect ASSIGNED
855590 Defect - Start page does not refresh app bar Star button state VERIFIED-FIXED
855677 Defect - "Undefined" displayed instead of "New Tab" in tab title when restarting with show tabs from last time VERIFIED-FIXED
856202 Defect - can't download nightly full installer RESOLVED-FIXED
856458 Story - Fixup all failing mochitest-metro-chrome tests ASSIGNED
858556 Defect - Double clicking text with the mouse displays the selection grippers in Immersive mode VERIFIED-FIXED
859418 Defect - Links on 'about:' page 404 because they are pointing to URLs containing 'metrofirefox' instead of 'firefox' ASSIGNED
859447 Defect - Nothing happens when I tap the settings icon in the page info bar ASSIGNED


  • Firefox Health Report
    • Uplifted to Fx21 beta
    • Tracking final pieces
    • QA and metrics verification
  • FFOS
    • Attending Madrid work week
    • Helping Dietrich and Michael track 1.0.1 and 1.1 activities
    • Working with Taipei PMs on creating a closer working relationship
  • Stability
    • Kairo organization stability work week
    • Helping team with some coordination and planning
  • JS team looking for PM help - meeting with Naveed to discuss details