Program Management/Weekly-Status-Reports/2013-04-30

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  • Web compat
    • Hiring
    • Community plans
    • UA policy
    • Dashboards and project plans
  • Performance
    • Completed first draft of initial project goals
    • First run of performance monthly meeting
  • Git migration
    • Finished conversation with GitHub
    • Proposed approach next week
  • More interviewing for platform pm



  • This Week:
    • Update FFOS Version Map Home page with Sheila
    • Sponsor's meeting Thursday (FFOS escalations)
    • Update Gantt for LGE (v1.1)


  • Iteration #6 ends today - 74 points completed.
  • Status report to be released Friday May 3.
  • Product Manager revised the priority levels of the feature stories in the Story Backlog.
  • Best and Worst Case release forecast scenarios will be added to status reports from Iteration #6 moving forwards.


  • FHR
    • Tracking for Fx21
    • Go-no-go decision is happening on Wed May 1st
  • Working with Kyle on getting enhancements to graphs/burndowns
    • Tracking closed bugs that are blocking and non-blocking
    • Look at how +/- triage changes throughout release cycle
  • Helping organize coaching session for other teams that want to move to agile


  • B2G code merge on schedule (end of this week)
    • Please contact me if Identity can support the request to assist with Gaia bugs
  • Yahoo BigTent (proxy IdP) patch this week for email alias'
  • PiCL - Fennec Technical kick-off scheduled this week
  • Identity Work Week May 6 - 10, Vancouver
  • Identity 2013 Roadmap