Program Management/Weekly-Status-Reports/2013-05-13

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  • Welcome Candice
  • PM synch up
  • Summit
  • Other projects that need help
  • Resource planning
  • Community contributor




  • Recruiting
    • Lots of interviewing for platform PM position
    • Spinning up Recruiting for Web compat outreach contractors
  • Performance
    • First monthly performance review went well, looking to expand scope and audience
  • Summit
    • Conducing interviews over next 2 weeks


  • Interviewing Metro Team to find out the good, bad, and how best to improve on the pilot of using scrum.
  • Working on e10s PM documents
  • Working to setup meetings for summer Europe games company tour
  • Working on E3 trip logistics
  • Helping JS team priorities work
  • Continuing to oversee work on WebAudio
  • Continuing to oversee work on Epic Demo and Chrome support
  • Continuing to oversee work on asm.js and FirefoxOS support for emscripten games products.
  • Trouble shooting games ports currently being done by outsources.



  • Metro Work Week: May 13 - 18
  • Monday's activities were to review our Triage, Planning and Defect Backlog.
  • Today's focus is on reviewing P4 and P5 stories to remove from our V1 release as well as a discussion on improving team velocity and quality levels.
  • Wednesday's discussion will focus on release - Aurora and Beta uplift criteria.
  • Thursday's discussion includes a variety of team submitted discussion points.


  • Helping with tracking for 1.0.1 end game
  • Candice started this week - helping with knowledge transfer
  • PM meeting - setting up this week
  • Resource planning for Q3/Q4


  • B2G code merge completed
  • The product managers for desktop & fennec will be providing additional clarification & granularity on the PiCL user stories later this week.
    • User stories (with priority ranking) are kept as a google doc and will be updated later this week.
    • User stories, demos & other documentation on PiCL can be followed on our Attached Services Wiki page. The wiki is kept up-to-date.
  • Persona planning to begin this week for a Beta 3 launch at the end of Q2
  • User Profile (UP) Team has officially joined the Identity department. Working with Ben on integrating them into the team.
  • Identity has been introduced to Rob Lord and will be working with him moving forward. Details are still coming to light since he is only working a couple hours each day currently.