Program Management/Weekly-Status-Reports/2013-08-12

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  • Summit - ideas for our team
    • People and process
    • Debucking the myths about process
    • Draft agenda was sent out - Lawrence will forward if applicable
  • Travel
    • Reminder to update the calendar - Lawrence will send around the link to the calendar
    • Booking hotels through egencia
  • Martin - brief update since back in town after road trip
  • Kairo - stability work week next week
  • Q&A with Asa



  • Working with SpiderMonkey team to prepare product roadmap and schedules.
  • Meeting with Privacy and Legal to discuss geolocation data collection.
  • Preparing geolocation blog post or FAQ.



  • Fx23, Fx24 release risk management
  • engaging with media team to help out with WebRTC
  • Shumway
  • Engaging with PiCL team; advising on GitHub/Bugzilla cross-tracking





  • Iteration #12 ends today.
  • Iteration #13 runs from August 13, 2013 - August 26, 2013.
  • Metro Preview Release details will be outlined on Wednesday August 14 through our iteration status report.
  • This release will be the version of Metro riding the release trains.


  • Inventory of projects
    • Talking to Bob, Johnathan and others to explore projects/priorities that need EPM help and don't have any.
  • FHR
    • Might be helping with FFOS version, tracking discussions.
    • Working with John Jensen to see what kind of EPM help they need long term for the program.
  • Reviews/hiring.
  • Supporting FFOS team to get new tracking/status reports put together (koi 1.2).
  • Planning for EPM activities for Oslo FFOS work week.
  • Reaching out to UX team for more EPM/UX collaboration.