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Part of the 2010 Goals project.

The following folks are helping to coordinate the 2010 Goals process:

  • David Tenser - Working with the SUMO community as part of Support Firefox Day on November 21).
  • Deb Richardson - Wiki gardening. Working with the Mozilla Developer community.
  • Jay Patel - Working with Firefox Campus Reps.
  • Guillermo Movia - Working with the Spanish-speaking Latin American communities
  • Marcio Galli - Working with the Brazilian community
  • Mark Surman - Coordinating the process.
  • Mitchell Baker - Coordinating the process.
  • Seth Bindernagel - Working with the localization communities
  • Tristan Nitot - Coordinating discussion at the Barcelona MozCamp in late October
  • Takita-san (Chibi) - Coordinating discussion at the Japanese community at Mozilla Developer Day in Tokyo on November 16
  • Zak Greant - Wiki gardening. Coordinating discussion at the upcoming NorthWest MozDev meeting November 29 in Victoria, B.C.

If you'd like to help, drop a note in Talk:Project/2010 Goals/Coordinators/Helping Out

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