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MozCamp Europe Discussions


  • There was a strong desire to explain the open web to a broad public.
    • We want people to understand and embrace the values that underly Mozilla.
  • Also, there is an opportunity to help others teach and evangelize about the open web.
    • This can include formal computer science teaching like at Seneca.
    • But it could also simply about giving school teachers in high school materials that make it possible to offer an open web lesson once in a while.
  • We should be leading they way on policy issues that relate to open standards and the open web.
    • There is a chance to help the EU and governments on the issues where we are expert and that we care about.

Detailed Notes

  • Community members talk at schools and universities
  • Simple open web evangelism pack
  • Embed mozilla in all levels of education
  • Make it easy for neighbours to talk to neighbours about why they chose our product
    • Get people to express themselves in public about this
  • Firefox + addon bundles e.g an EduFox bundle
    • Contest for the best values based add ons
  • Bringing the internet access to places where it isn't present (eg. Africa)
  • The fact that so many people use Firefox in Europe means that people will listen to us when we talk about values
  • Independence is an important value and message
  • Peace symbol as the kind of brand we want to be
  • Local MozCamps that are for more than just contributors
    • These cover ideas about the open web
    • Mozilla is the host, but other orgs also present and participate
  • Express our voice on important topics in policy context
  • Create a 'values PR' department in Mozilla
    • Helps the community evangelize
  • Create spaces where we can talk about open web and standards policy
    • What does it look like to use an open source process to develop policy?
  • Use and expand the Firefox network for work on our values
  • Promote multiple browser testing while designing a web site as a basic practice. Get communities to create tutorials.
  • Work with other standard friendly browers to minimize implementation wear points.

Subsequent notes

  • This is where you want to add ideas you have on the Mofo Goals if it was not captured earlier.
  • Help our contributors to grow. Suggestion: invite a few of them individually to a Mozilla office (all expenses paid) for 1 hacking week with their peers