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Part of the Pilot Fish project.

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Information to Catalog

We likely want to catalog the following information:

  • Program description, including details such as instructor name, instructor background, institution name, program name, degree or certificate granted, amount of FLOSS-related instruction, amount and type of hands-on FLOSS work, number of credits, length of program, number of students, grading strategy, student response to program, etc.

Information to Gather

Some of the information that we would like to gather may be sensitive to interviewees, such as:

  • How FLOSS the instructor thinks that FLOSS is perceived on a national, regional, industrial, institutional, departmental basis, as well as by their students.
  • Who/what motivated and sustains the program? This includes mentors, sponsoring organizations, etc.
  • What resources would help improve the program?

We need to consider if this information is useful to gather and analyze.

Related Activities

Along with the interview, we should provide the educator with a link to the resources that we have collected.

Starting Points for the Catalog