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Seneca College

Chris Travers of Seneca has a good list of relevant links at

Pilot Fish

In the short-term, the Pilot Fish project is about finding and supporting educators and institutions in the mold of David Humphrey and Seneca.

In the long-term, the project is focused on helping to make active participation in online Open Source communities a part of the modern educational curriculum.

You can learn more about the project on the main project page or you can jump to the individual parts of the project below.

  • Lightweight Case Studies - DRAFT A series of lightweight case studies on various electronic frontier education efforts.
  • Catalog - DRAFT a catalog of electronic frontier education efforts.
  • Challenges for Educators - DRAFT A rough list of the challenges that educators may face in integrating a standard curriculum with student participation in a distributed, participatory online project.
  • Critical Success Factors - DRAFT A list of critical success factors for electronic frontier education efforts.
  • Survey Brainstorming - DRAFT A brainstorm of survey questions for (perhaps) later in the project.