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Proposal Overview

(note: this proposal is still under construction, feel free to edit/improve it!)

See the 'Link MVP - Busy Mums' tab of the 'Project Link MVP Proposal' spreadsheet (Moco-internal) for a full list of proposed features we could add to this product proposal.

  • Derive task reminders from calendar events, e.g. if it sees an event "12:30 picknick", it could be smart enough (in terms of domain knowledge about the tasks busy mums perform) to derive task like "shopping list: buy fresh rucola", task "7:00 make pasta salad", task "7:30 remind Bobby not to leave the pasta salad behind"
  • Play Text-to-Speech calendar reminders over a speaker in the living room / kitchen, instead of as a beep/vibrate of the busy mum's smartphone (which is probably what current calendar apps do).
  • Have a microphone in the living room / kitchen which allows adding events to the calendar, or asking what the next few events on the calendar are (so you can check your calendar while performing another tasks with your hands in the meantime).
  • This product could integrate with the Home Automation Hub product, so that it can for instance control the lights and temperature around the house in response to calendar events.

Technical documentation

  • Deriving tasks from calendar events is probably impossible with current state-of-the-art (topic to discuss at London all-hands)
  • hardware requirements for TTS and STT are probably pretty much off-the-shelf, as are software requirements for TTS, but software requirements for doing STT so well that it's more usable than a touchscreen is probably quite hard, especially if, being an open source project, we don't want to use proprietary solutions like Nuance.


  • We need to work out whether this product would actually make the life of a busy mum easier, and not more stressful.
  • Let's try to refine this proposal so that it becomes both more feasible, and more effective in improving the efficiency of a busy mum's morning routine.