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What is this project?

“Reimagine Open” is an initiative led by Mitchell Baker acknowledging that the historical, open architecture of the internet has been subdued by the interests of a select few — which has led to many negative experiences online. Mozilla would like to revisit the ways we practice open to imagine better futures for our digital lives. Is the term still getting us where we want to go? How do the challenges of today push our understanding of openness and what we need to build and advocate for?

This is part of the reason why today’s online experiences seem to be all about addiction, privacy and security breaches, misinformation, online harassment, and hate speech. It is time to resurface the positive implications of “openness” facing today’s challenges of online life.

Access, individual opportunity, participation, and empowerment are the driving factors behind why Mozilla has been and continues to be dedicated to championing the open internet.

By revisiting the ways we put open into practice, and open systems in particular, we can identify shortcomings and imagine better, positive futures for our digital lives.


Mitchell Baker, Cathleen Berger, Alan Davidson, Amba Kak, Alice Munyua, and Michelle Thorne tested and probed this idea in an open consultation process over the course of 2019 and into 2020 through conversations, speaking engagements, dedicated focus groups, and a broad-based survey.


In January 2020, Cathleen and Michelle published a recap of the process to date, acknowledging contributions from partners such as the Global Innovation Gathering and the Labmobile, as well as pointing to the many efforts within and beyond Mozilla that sought inspiration from this process. Read more about privacy & security in product, radical transparency in advocacy, open principles in public policy, reclaiming openness in fellowships, as well as a new large-scale exploration about the State of the Internet.

Reimagine Open has also contributed to Mozilla's thinking around environmental sustainability as well as an exploration of cities as a solution space for inclusive participation and open decision-making.


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