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Contribute/Contribution Challenges/Firefox Growth Team - Project DistruFox +Our volunteers care about the continued success of Firefox. Our volunteers are intimately familiar with issues in low-bandwidth areas and want to support development of firefox usage within their home countries, even in places with infrastructure challenges.  +
Contribute/Contribution Challenges/Firefox OS Local Content +There is HUGE interest on the part of Mozillians in launch countries to promote Firefox OS. The pre-launch Firefox OS Community Launch Program has been, in general successful. This interest manifests itself in the large number of Mozillians who sign up to participate in the various launch activities we organize in the run-up and shortly after a launch. They participate across the board in sales training, social media, developer outreach, and other areas. Unfortunately, participation wanes after a few weeks not because of apathy or a loss of interest but because we don’t adequately encourage/followup/support Mozillians with resources, content and other materials to continue running activities long after the launch.  +
Contribute/Contribution Challenges/Mobile Webmaker + * have a real impact on the things we think are most important to Mozilla's mission. * integrate volunteers into the areas where employees are focused, which means more support, resources, and training become natural. * develop new valuable skills in research, testing and participatory design. * have a positive impact on the future of the web in emerging countries.   +
Contribute/Contribution Challenges/Test Challenge E +motivation rah rah  +