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Contribute/Contribution Challenges/Firefox Growth Team - Project DistruFox +Event Management User Research Firefox user support  +
Contribute/Contribution Challenges/Firefox OS Local Content +events planning community marketing developer engagement Mozilla Reps platform media relations and communications training social media outreach  +
Contribute/Contribution Challenges/Mobile Webmaker +For Workshops: * Facilitation skills: appetite to meet new people, desire to teach and to guide users from all levels and backgrounds * Observation and listening skills: being able to observe user’s reactions when discovering Appmaker, figuring out the little things that users won’t tell you directly but could be important for the product, understanding user’s frustrations...emotional intelligence and patience ! * Ability to give feedback and underlying problems & recommendations. For Interviews: * Ability to reach out to people and make them feel comfortable * Listening * Understanding and analysing  +
Contribute/Contribution Challenges/Test Challenge E +test  +