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Dial in

 # 650-903-0800 or 650-215-1282 x92 Conf# 315 (US/INTL)
 # 1-800-707-2533 (pin 369) Conf# 315 (US)
 # #mozmill for backchannel


  • Henrik Skupin
  • David Burns
  • Dave Hunt
  • Geo Mealer
  • Owen Coutts
  • David Clarke
  • Marlena Compton
  • Al Billings

Last Weeks Action Items

  • Geo: Q2 achievements for shared API refactor
  • Need to add leads and seconds to list in agenda notes
    • Definition of project leads (1st and 2nd) [Henrik]
   Automated Testing for WebApps: Henrik / DavidC
   Team Presence (Documentation): DavidB / ?
   Infrastructure Investigation: ? / ?
   Selenium Grid 2: Dave / DavidB
   Endurance Tests: Dave / Anthony 
  • need to setup a project meeting for open web apps
  • everyone to review goals
  • QA infrastructure - make this it's own sub-tree in the wiki pages
  • Mozmill Broken tests - Geo to take point for gathering data and plan for delegation
    • Expected more tactical discussion during workweek on this; will schedule breakout meeting w/ Henrik & stakeholders


  • Standup Day/Time (see the calendar)
  • Next meeting:
    • Chair: Dave Hunt
    • Notes: Geo
  • Update/release testing analysis and improvement (Geo)

Goals Overview 11/Q3

Please mark topics which need to be discussed in the meeting as bold

Issues / Blockers

  • TBD.

Automated Testing for WebApps

  • Initial Etherpad has been created. We are still unclear about strategies, milestones, and testing efforts.
  • Created a Etherpad to keep track off all the conversations happening.
  • Goal to setup a meeting with ragavan / jennifer arguello to determine roadmap / rough delivery plan.
  • Experiments in test frameworks.
  • Waiting for feedback from OWA developers

Team Presence (Documentation)

  • Table of members has been created (Proposal for QA whois page)
  • Next on the list are the project pages (Henrik)
    • Do we want to have quarterly project pages which map to our team goals?
      • Those will exist in parallel to the real project pages and only visualize what happens in the current quarter
      • That way we can give a bit more information as only adding the goal summary
      • It will give us a clearer picture for projects which span multiple quarters
  • How can we share the other work to do across the team?
    • Creation of the wiki structure
    • Documents like responsibilities...


  • TBD.

Selenium Grid 2

  • No updates.

Endurance Tests

  • QA Desktop team is now tracking Endurance metrics
    • Spreadsheet
    • Done daily as part of regular triage -- escalate Firefox issues to release drivers, Endurance failures to Dave Hunt
    • Will do this manually until something automated can be rigged up

Project Updates

Please mark topics which need to be discussed in the meeting as bold


  • Shadow test server
  • Cloud Automation

Case Conductor (TCM)

  • TBD.


  • New Tests
    • 9 Add-ons Manager tests in development
    • Softvision team now 4 automaters, up from 2 (will introduce once on-boarded)
  • Broken Tests
  • Shared Modules
  • Redesign Shared Modules
    • Large merge landing this week
    • Driver (general framework) module sold to A-Team
    • On the lookout for a good UMLish class design collaboration tool -- know one?
  • Automation Scripts
  • Dashboard
    • New results view for remote test-run
  • Mozmill Crowd
  • On-demand Test Execution
    • New system that also allows for functional testing rolled out on qa-set
    • Works well, but have seen problems with shared filesystem. Not a factor of these scripts, but affects them since Python libraries not correctly loading.
    • Phase II is a one-click web front end. This is moving onto the hotseat (more in Round Table).


  • Grid
  • Mobile


  • E.g. JMeter

Personal Status

For the personal status please check the weekly status updates:

Meeting Notes

  • Last meeting's action items:
    • Review personal goals and how they align to the four top level goals
      • Endurance tests goal well on track
      • Web apps goal needs to be discussed
    • QA infrastructure wiki sub-tree with Al but he's been busy - target end of this week
    • Mozmill broken tests
      • Geo needs to schedule breakout to progress this
  • Roundtable:
    • Standup schedule
      • Monday/Wednesday middle of the day Pacific time
      • Communication preferences: Vidyo, voice, IRC
    • Next meeting
      • Chair: Dave Hunt
      • Notes: Geo Mealer
    • Update/release testing analysis and improvement
      • Matt E sent email during the work week
      • Needs to be in the backlog as a high priority
      • Phase 1: complete
      • Phase 2: web front end and simplify result aggregation
        • Document what we have now (Geo, Al, Henrik, Anthony) and reviewed by all
        • Implement launcher page
        • Analyse process and discuss potential optimisations
      • This is a team project
  • Goals Overview:
    • Automated Testing for WebApps
      • Henrik has created an Etherpad for web apps
      • Development team have a set of Q3 goals but not enough detail to make any decisions
      • Meeting set up for 08/11/2011 to go over schedule
      • Need an idea for when code is going to land across the different features
      • Get a skeleton testing framework in place early
      • Mobile/desktop will be targeted separately and will land independently
    • Team Presence
      • Henrik made a proposal during the work week for quarterly project pages that map to team goals
      • Suggest making a sample page to get an idea for maintenance and relevance
  • Other:
    • Geo and Henrik looking for collaborative tools for class design
    • Why are our Pivotal Tracker trackers private?
      • All are public except our Automation Services project

See also:

Action items

  • [DONE] Send out an e-mail about assinging leads/seconds for projects. (Henrik)
  • Schedule mid-quarter review (full team or individual reviews) for Automation Services goals. (David B)
  • QA Infrastructure to be it's own sub-tree. (Al)
  • Schedule breakout meeting for Mozmill broken tests. (Geo)
  • Schedule standup for Monday/Wednesday during overlap availabilty times. (David B)
  • Create a checklist for setting up standups. (David)
  • Add meeting notes to a separate section of the wiki. (Dave)
  • Add action items to a separate section of the wiki. (Dave)
  • Document (and distribute) what automated update testing we have now by next meeting. (Geo, Al)
  • Schedule meeting to define our approach to open web apps from a QA perspective. (DavidC)
  • Create a one-stop references page for open web apps. (DavidC/Henrik)
  • Send email with sample for quartlerly project pages, demonstrating level of maintenance required and relevance to the community. (Henrik)
  • Start time-boxed e-mail thread to gather feedback on the suggestions for team wiki structure. (Henrik)
  • [DONE] Makes sure all Pivotal Tracker projects are public. (Henrik)
  • List Pivotal Tracker projects from wiki (project pages, or an index?). (Unassigned)
  • Schedule meetings based on discussion items from work week. (David B)
  • Create backlog from discussion items from work week. (David B)