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Dial in

 # Vidyo:
 # Phone:  650-903-0800 or 650-215-1282 x92 Conf# 9654 (US/INTL)
 #         1-800-707-2533 (pin 369) Conf# 9654 (US)
 # IRC:    irc://


  • Attendees:
    • TBD
  • This meeting:
    • Chair: Henrik Skupin
    • Notes: Dave Hunt

Last Weeks Action Items

  • [NEW] Henrik: Check if log() method is still broken
  • [NEW] Henrik: Check OS X boxes and ask IT to reinstall different versions (ask Al about media)
  • [NEW] Clint: Create templates for all the VMs


  • What are the next steps for the ESX cluster?

Q2 2012 Goals Overview

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Issues / Blockers

  • No updates

Mozmill 2.0

  • Jsbridge port auto-detection has been landed
  • Several restart bugs (regressions) have been found and partly fixed/investigated
  • Blocker requests:

Mozmill 2.0 support for Automation Scripts

  • Installer/Uninstaller code has been moved out to MozInstall and version 1.0 has been released
  • Dave put together a proof of concept for the functional testrun
  • Are a blocked on some broken API implementation on Mozmill Python side. Henrik will work on this this week.

Mozmill Tests API refactor

  • No updates

Project Updates

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  • No updates



  • No updates


  • No updates

Tests and Shared Modules

  • Still at nearly zero failures. \o/ Getting more tests re-enabled


  • No updates


  • No updates

Personal Status

For the personal status please check the weekly status updates:

Meeting Notes

The meeting notes for this meeting can be read in the following etherpad:

Action items

  • [CARRY OVER] Henrik: Check if log() method is still broken.
  • [CARRY OVER] Clint: Create templates for all the VMs.
  • [NEW] Henrik: Update wiki with details of Mac OS X 10.8 media and destination hardware location.
  • [NEW] Henrik: Fix the Automation Developer/Development discrepancies on the wiki.
  • [NEW] Henrik: Raise QA training sessions for Mozmill test development in QA staff meeting.