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Dial in

 # When:     Every Monday at 8:45am PDT/PST
 # Vidyo:
 # Phone:    650-903-0800 or 650-215-1282 x92 Conf# 9654 (US/INTL)
 #           1-800-707-2533 (pin 369) Conf# 9654 (US)
 # IRC:      irc://
 # IRC logs:


  • Attendees: Daniel, Mihaela, Louis, Henrik, Syd Polk, Otilia, Marc, Andrei, Andreea, Cosmin, Nils
  • Chair: Cosmin
  • Notes: Daniel

Last Weeks Action Items

  • [DONE] [Andreea] Check older builds of firefox for the notification disabling on win 8
    • I reproduced it with Chrome on Win 8.1 as Kamil stated so it might be an issue overall for Windows



  • TBD

Goals Overview

Project Updates

Puppet for Mozmill CI (Henrik, Andreea, Andrei)

  • Current goal status:
    • Webproxy manifests for environment variables done. Proxy settings for UI apps still todo
    • Working on custom puppet nodes for mozmill-ci and tps
  • Notes
    • TBD

TPS continuous integration (Henrik, Cosmin)

  • Current goal status:
    • Refactored install script should land soon. Then we will have compatibility with Windows
    • New VMs arrived, and one is now acting as TPS CI
  • Notes
    • We got new TPS test failures due to password manager changes - needs investigation

Automation of important tests for Desktop QA (Daniel, Mihaela)

  • Current goal status:
    • Geolocation tests are in progress, uploaded patch for 3 of them
    • waiting for Edwin's input for the TPS tests
  • Notes
    • logged 2 new TPS tests tracking bugs:
      • bug 1018927 - Add automated test to verify that sync prefs are saved after restart
      • bug 1018931 - Add automated test to verify that sync options specified at sign in are persisted after restart
    • contacted Jakub (contributor) for getting involved

Automation Trainings (Andreea, Cosmin)

  • Current goal status:
    • Last week we had fewer contributors, but they remained active the next days as well
  • Notes
    • Getting ready for the next one, tomorrow will have a blog post and email invite.
    • Proposal for the last task - new test, to split it by adding a new one in which the contributor checks testPasswordManager and adds some sleeps at certain code lines to have a better view when running it - what the test does.

Mozmill for Marionette (Andrei, Andreea)

  • Current goal status:
    • Have a working version patch uploaded in bugzilla. Awaiting some feedback from Henrik in regards to the current implementation.
    • bug 754847 - Replace local httpd.js web server with mozhttpd
  • Notes
    • TBD


  • Mozmill (Henrik)
    • No updates
  • WebRTC (Nils)
    • Working on bringing the WebRTC test steps in the correct order bug 1013809

Softvision Updates

Desktop Automation

  • Goals progress:
  • Resolved Fixed:
    • mozmill-dashboard Align filters via CSS (#90)
  • Working on:
    • Andreea
    • Andrei
      • bug 754847 - Replace local httpd.js web server with mozhttpd
      • bug 1016988 - Test failure "aWindow.QueryInterface is not a function" in testAddons_InstallAddonWithoutEULA/test1.js
      • bug 1013938 - controller.restartApplication breaks dump on Windows
      • bug 1016305 - Test failure "commands.getNode(...).view is null " in addons testrun
      • Buildmaster
        • Filed bug 1018161 - Test failure 'profile/safebrowsing/goog-malware-shavar.cache exists' in /restartTests/testSafeBrowsing_initialDownload/test2.js
        • Filed bug 1018193 - Delay in Update availability (Aurora and Nightly)
    • Cosmin
    • Daniel
    • Mihaela
      • endurance results triage and investigations - no new spikes
      • work on new tests:
        • bug 1009441 - Add automated test to verify the UI and preferences of a signed in account
          • waiting for Edwin's input
        • bug 947914 - Add test for the functionality of Panel Menu buttons in Australis
          • failures investigation, update tests, retrigger try build and re-run tests
        • bug 987185 - Add test for the functionality of the Sync button when user is signed into an account
        • bug 996506 - Add tests for the functionality of the History subview (Panel Menu)
      • bug 1018161 - skip patch for safebrowsing tests
      • gather and triage "need_automation" tests from Moztrap, search for existing coverage

Personal Status

For the personal status please check the weekly status updates:

Meeting Notes

The meeting notes for this meeting can be read in the following etherpad:

If you missed the meeting you can also watch it in our archive.

Action items

  • [NEW] [Mihaela/Daniel] To file some new bugs for the streched goal : "Get more shortcut tests added for various window types in Firefox to ensure better support for localized builds"
  • [NEW] [Marc] Poke Edwin to give feedback for TPS Mozmill tests