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Dial in

 # When:     Every Monday at 8:45am PDT/PST
 # Vidyo:
 # Phone:    650-903-0800 or 650-215-1282 x92 Conf# 9654 (US/INTL)
 #           1-800-707-2533 (pin 369) Conf# 9654 (US)
 # IRC:      irc://
 # IRC logs:


  • Attendees: Henrik, Daniel, Nils, Cosmin, Otilia, Andrei, Marc, Syd
  • Chair: Henrik
  • Notes: Andrei

Last Weeks Action Items

  • [DONE] [Andreea] check which locales aren't failing (from the complete list) and file a bug to add them to the Beta (only, not release) locale regular testruns (20-30 locales) there should already be an issue on github (#277- adding more locales for... )
  • [CARRY OVER] [Andrei] file a bug to have 3 new machines for OSX 10.10 (yosemite) and discuss with releng or qa about the 10.7 (10.8) nodes if there is further testing necessary on them;
  • [DONE] [Henrik] update meeting page template to not have a separate Softvision update, but have any updates done on specific projects, and for SV details link to the mailing list



  • You can find all open blockers here:
  • New blockers
    • fxa-python-client is unmaintained at the moment - a search for new maintainers is happening. Should we assist?
    • Bug 1050313 - not reachable anymore


  • [henrik] Tweaks for meeting page
    • Would it be helpful to also have items listed (and discussed) which cover the major work items for the upcoming week?


Puppet for restarting CI Machines (Andrei, Henrik, Andreea)

  • Current Status:
    • No updates

Mozmill-CI for testing all Locales (Andreea, Cosmin)

  • Current Status:
    • We started to check the passing locales, and we would add them on batches, currently we added 18, once we would have a complete list with the passing and failing locales we would make the switch from white list to black list.
    • Issue mozmill-ci#270
  • Discussion:
    • TBD

Mozmill for Restart Stability (Henrik, Andrei)

  • Current Status:
    • No updates
  • Discussion:
    • TBD

Automation of TPS tests (Daniel, Mihaela)

  • Current Status:
    • TBD
  • Discussion:
    • TBD

Project Updates

Mozmill (Henrik)

  • No updates

Mozmill Tests (Softvision)

  • Fixed bugs:
    • bug 950025 - Test failure "Blocklist has been updated." in add-on blocklist tests
    • [WFM] bug 1045673 - Proxy issues on Linux machines

[Andrei] I'd like to point out the currently high number of P1 issues we are currently working on (or in our queue). Its possible that _some_ of them should have their priority relegated, but most of them are failures that impact our results in a significant way.

List of currently open P1 bugs (25):

  • bug 784305 Mozmill test failure /restartTests/testAddons_RestartlessExtensionWorksAfterRestart/test2.js | Current URL should match expected URL
  • bug 818128 Failure in testAwesomeBar/testVisibleItemsMax.js | Number of visible rows should equal 6
  • bug 886719 Failure 'about:blank page has been unloaded' and 'controller.waitForPageLoad(): Timeout waiting for page loaded.' in testStopReloadButtons.js::testStopAndReload
  • bug 895996 [ku] testAddMozSearchProvider.js fails with "Disconnect Error: Application unexpectedly closed" because the print dialog gets opened
  • bug 908206 Failure in testPrivateDownloadPanel.js due to changes in nsIDownloadManager
  • bug 908649 Refactor lib/downloads.js replacing the nsiDownloadManager backend with the new Downloads.jsm implementation
  • bug 930509 Test failure 'Window has been found.' in testCloseDownloadManager.js and testOpenDownloadManager.js
  • bug 942737 Test failure "Suggestions from two search engines are available - '1' should equal '2' " in testSearchSuggestions.js
  • bug 996530 Add new PlacesOrganizer UI library
  • bug 1005811 Update Mozmill tests for in-content preferences pane
  • bug 1006996 Add new windows.js shared module
  • bug 1015126 Test Failure "controller.waitForPageLoad(URI=______, readyState=complete)"
  • bug 1016305 Test failure "commands.getNode(...).view is null " in addons testrun
  • bug 1018161 Test failure 'profile/safebrowsing/goog-malware-* exists' in /restartTests/testSafeBrowsing_initialDownload/test2.js
  • bug 1025849 Create Mozmill Test for checking EV certificate status after a restart
  • bug 1028856 Prepare mozmill-tests for the new webserver
  • bug 1030453 mozmill test /testSecurity/testMD5HashSignature.js needs to import the CA certificate differently when bug 1024871 lands
  • bug 1036825 Refactor tabs opening methods from tabs.js
  • bug 1038119 Test failure 'Autocomplete results should be visible' in testAwesomeBar/testAccessLocationBar.js
  • bug 1043923 Test failure 'controller.waitForPageLoad(URI=about:newtab, readyState=complete)' in /testAwesomeBar/testVisibleItemsMax.js
  • bug 1046078 JSbridge disconnect in testPreferences_masterPassword
  • bug 1047235 Add browser.js UI library with the BrowserWindow class
  • bug 1051777 Multiple test failures in relation to the AwesomeBar
  • bug 972912 Mozmill fails to ran all expected tests

TPS (Henrik)

  • Major outage of, which broke our new TPS CI system bug 1050313
  • bug 1037084 About to start moving out TPS from mozilla-central to it's own repository on Github

WebRTC (Nils)

  • OpenH264 and Screen Sharing support landed and only basic test cases so far to cover them

Softvision Updates

Desktop Automation

  • Goals progress:
    • TBD

Personal Status

For the personal status please check the weekly status updates:

Meeting Notes

The meeting notes for this meeting can be read in the following etherpad:

If you missed the meeting you can also watch it in our archive.

Action items

  • [CARRY OVER] [Andrei] file a bug to have 3 new machines for OSX 10.10 (yosemite) and discuss with releng or qa about the 10.7 (10.8) nodes if there is further testing necessary on them;
  • [NEW] [Cosmin] check the next locales batches to add them to Beta (batch 1-3 have already been merged) #277
  • [NEW] [Henrik] Change the meeting template to have major items for the upcoming week ("Upcoming" for each project / goal)
  • [NEW] [Henrik] get in contact with ?jeets? to get a treeherder API key (or similar) to try pushing our results to treeherder