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Dial in

 # When:     Every Monday at 8:45am PDT/PST
 # Vidyo:
 # Phone:    650-903-0800 or 650-215-1282 x92 Conf# 9654 (US/INTL)
 #           1-800-707-2533 (pin 369) Conf# 9654 (US)
 # IRC:      irc://
 # IRC logs:


  • Attendees: Andreea, Daniel, Cosmin, Andrei, Marc, Henrik, Otilia
  • Chair: Andreea
  • Notes: Daniel

Last Weeks Action Items

  • [NEW] [Henrik and Andrei] Update production 14.04 machines (8 total) to be ready for running tests as a Jenkins slave
    • Machines are already puppetized. So we would have to request to get them re-imaged by IT. Maybe a better solution is to get the remaining screen resolution issue fixed.


  • [henrik] About to release mozmill 2.0.7 for code signing changes on OS X
  • [henrik] Patches for Mozmill-Tests, Mozmill-Automation, Mozmill, and Mozversion are landing nowish to support the new signed builds on OS X


  • You can find all open blockers here:
  • New blockers
    • [09/01] - Bug 911048 - [mozinstall] Add support to install Firefox via the stub installer (needs work done by Henrik)
    • [09/01] - Bug 1038646 - Broken package dependencies when installing OpenJDK 7 on Ubuntu 12.04 machines (waiting for feedback)
    • [09/01] - Bug 891288 - Create subdomains of mozqa with self-signed SSL certificates for all supported versions versions (SSL3 - TLS 1.1) (waiting for feedback)
    • [09/01] - Bug 1037084 - Move TPS test framework out of mozilla-central into its own repository (waiting for feedback)
    • [09/03] - Bug 997230 - Setup Mac Mini for DeployStudio needed by PuppetAgain (needs action RelOps)
    • [09/03] - Bug 1053977 - Request EDID for all QA maintained Mac minis in (waiting for the remaining EDID)
    • [09/04] - (waiting for feedback)
      • Problem solved after around an hour last Friday, but so far no reply on the topic
    • [09/05] - Bug 957852 - Add files and cronjob for mciconf on (needs final work)


  • TBD


Puppet for restarting CI Machines (Andrei, Henrik, Andreea)

  • Current Status:
    • Broken proxy settings for GUI applications has been fixed bug 1059141
  • Planned for this week:
    • If time permits let try to get the screen resolution issue fixed and bumped to 1024x768

Mozmill-CI for testing all Locales (Andreea, Cosmin)

  • Current Status:
    • All batches tested and with PRs added, once the jobs retention is fixed, we can land them
  • Planned for this week:
    • Andreea to work on the blacklist
    • Finish testing on ubuntu 14.04 for the issue Henrik had - Add the 'Discard Old Build ' plugin. #478

Mozmill for Restart Stability (Henrik, Andrei)

  • Current Status:
    • No updates given the ongoing work for supporting new signed builds on OS X
  • Planned for this week:
    • Get the enhancements landed which can tell us if not all tests have been run (bug 972912)
    • If time permits get the Client disconnect bug fixed (bug 794020)

Automation of TPS tests (Daniel, Mihaela)

  • Current Status:
    • no updates
  • Planned for this week:
    • waiting for review in order to continue working on the tests

Project Updates

Mozmill (Henrik)

  • Mozmill 2.0.7 upcoming for new signed builds on OS X. Only needs a remaining fix for mozversion (bug 1061809)

Mozmill Tests (Softvision)

  • Update tests and the update testrun have been enhanced to allow the modification of the channel-prefs.js file from within the browser
  • Closed bugs - 6:
    • [FIXED] bug 1018161 - Test failure 'profile/safebrowsing/goog-malware-* exists' in /restartTests/testSafeBrowsing_initialDownload/test2.js
    • [FIXED] bug 1062773 - Any Disconnect Error invalidates the report as expected by the dashboard
    • [FIXED] (with workaround) bug 818128 - Failure in testAwesomeBar/testVisibleItemsMax.js | Number of visible rows should equal 6
    • [FIXED] bug 1028856 - Prepare mozmill-tests for the new webserver
    • [FIXED] bug 1056477 - Merge mozmill-tests branches for Firefox 32 release}}
    • [FIXED] bug 1046078 - JSbridge disconnect in testPreferences_masterPassword

TPS (Henrik, Cosmin)

WebRTC (Nils)

  • TBD

Softvision Updates

Desktop Automation

  • Goals progress:
    • TBD

Personal Status

For the personal status please check the weekly status updates:

Meeting Notes

The meeting notes for this meeting can be read in the following etherpad:

If you missed the meeting you can also watch it in our archive.

Action items

  • [NEW] [Cosmin] Update the bug about the plugin not working on 14.04 and work on the fix;
  • [NEW] [Andrei] run all testruns on 800x600 see if there are any problems on linux (staging puppet box)