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Name: Nightly Tester Tools (NTT)
Leads: Henrik Skupin, Dave Hunt
Team Assistance: Tony Mechelynck, Szabolcs Hubai


Nightly Tester Tools is an extension that is a collection of useful tools for users of Firefox nightly builds. It was previously owned by Dave Townsend, but now is maintained by the Automation and Tools team. They're leading an effort to revive Nightly Tester Tools and make it even better.

Nightly Tester Tools features the ability to disable add-on compatibility checks, crucial for nightly testers.

Contact us on IRC via #automation.


See for how to get Nightly Tester Tools for desktop setup.

  • Desktop Nightly Tester Tools' code lives on a Github repo
  • Mobile Nightly Tester Tools' code lives on a Github repo


If you know where this extension's settings are documented, please fill it in here.

AFAIK, there is no Preferences UI for this extension in the addons manager, its settings must be set directly in about:config (or in the Thunderbird Config Editor). They start with nightly. and IIUC you shouldn't change nightly.currChangeset and nightly.prevChangeset — these two are for data which the extension needs to remember from one session to the next; the others are its preferences. — Tonymec 15:47, 10 November 2011 (PST)

The following describes the known settings, but the table is not complete. If you know anything that's missing, please fill it in; if there is an error, please correct it.

  • Note: In the first column, we have added a space after each dot. This is intentional; these spaces are not part of the name, they are only there to allow line-breaking in the "name" cells if necessary.
Name Type Values
nightly. currChangeset String Automatically set at startup, see ${Changeset} below.
nightly. disableCheckCompatibility Boolean true: Force add-on compatibility
false (default): Opposite of the above.
nightly. idtitle Boolean true (default): Use the custom title set by nightly. templates. title
false: Opposite of the above.
nightly. prevChangeset String
nightly. templates. buildid String Template for the string inserted by "Tools → Nightly Tester Tools → Copy Build ID to Clipboard" or "Tools → Nightly Tester Tools → Insert Build ID into Textbox".
Default: ${UserAgent} ID:${AppBuildID}${Flags} CSet: ${Changeset}
nightly. templates. title String Template for the window title.
Default: ${DefaultTitle} (Build ${AppBuildID})
Note: Used only if nightly. idtitle is on (which is the default).


The following are for use when customizing nightly.templates.buildid and nightly.templates.title — they will be replaced at run-time by the appropriate string.

Name Value Example Explanation or Remarks
${DefaultTitle} Default Application Title MozillaWiki - SeaMonkey  
${TabTitle} Current Tab's Title MozillaWiki As set by the <title> of the current page
${TabGroup} Current Tab Group   Firefox only (and empty if you haven't set one). On SeaMonkey the value is "Undefined".
${AppId} Application Identifier {92650c4d-4b8e-4d2a-b7eb-24ecf4f6b63a} GUID of the current application
${Vendor} Application Vendor Mozilla  
${Name} Application Name SeaMonkey For Firefox it is "Firefox"; compare with ${BrandName} below.
${Version} Application Version 2.20a1  
${AppBuildID} Application Build Identifier 20130421003001 Datestamp, YYYYMMDDhhmmss
${Changeset} Application built from that changeset 1637ab8d5a01 With SeaMonkey or Thunderbird it is the comm-central (or comm-aurora, comm-beta, comm-release) changeset.
${PlatformBuildID} XUL Platform Build Identifier 20130421003001 Same as ${AppBuildID} AFAICT
${PlatformVersion} XUL Platform Version 23.0a1 With SeaMonkey it is not the same as ${Version}.
${GeckoVersion} Gecko Version 23.0a1 Same as ${PlatformVersion}. Deprecated.
${PlatformChangeset} Platform built from that changeset 0d50cb959c46 Changeset for mozilla-central (or mozilla-aurora, mozilla-beta, mozilla-release). For Firefox, but not for Thunderbird or SeaMonkey, it is the same as ${Changeset} above.
${BrandName} Application Brand Name SeaMonkey For Firefox-Nightly it is "Nightly", not "Firefox". I think that a similar distinction applies to Thunderbird-Daily.
${UserAgent} User Agent String Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:23.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/23.0 SeaMonkey/2.20a1 As "User Agent" near the top of "Help → Troubleshooting Information". Also near the bottom of the about: page.
${Locale} Current locale en-US  
${OS} Compilation OS Linux  
${Processor} Compilation Processor x86_64 i686 means 32-bit Intel
${Compiler} Compiler gcc3  
${Toolkit} Graphics Toolkit cairo  
${Profile} Current Profile default  
  • The variables described in italics are not yet supported by Nightly Tester Tools 3.5; they are slated to appear in a future release. They are more subject to change than the rest: what appears above is what is currently planned for the next release. Edit: At the moment (2014-02-01) they are supported by the "Development" version of the add-on but not by the "latest stable" version, both available at
  • The variables marked Deprecated are, well, deprecated. They may disappear at some indeterminate future time.
  • The first two depend on the page you are browsing; I showed what appeared on this wiki's Main Page.
  • Many of these depend on your current browser or mailer version: I showed what appeared in the version of SeaMonkey with which I updated this table.
  • All of these can be seen in the Tools → Nightly Tester Tools → Customize Titlebar dialog… if it is present in the current version of NTT on the current application. I showed them in the same order as in that dialog, which is why they may seem unsorted.
  • In recent versions (at least in current trunk nightlies of SeaMonkey) ${Changeset} and ${PlatformChangeset} display the full 40-nybble changeset ID rather than the 12-nybble abbreviated value. I don't know when the change happened. AFAIK it happened in the app, not in the addon, since I'm still using NTT 3.7pre20131013. — Tonymec (talk) 16:38, 31 August 2015 (PDT)


If you'd like to propose ideas on how to make the extension better, feel free to file a bug within this handy form!

We also have a list of things to do already filed that you can look through.