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This page lists answers to a couple of questions which have been raised in the past. Be sure to check those before sending us an email.

The execution of builds is broken. How do I fix that?

There are cases when Mozmill CI is failing. Especially we are still facing issues with running plugins. Some of the failures can't be stopped from happening easily and would need a restart of Jenkins. In such a situation please always contact us first, so that we can solve the problem. If no-one is around and you need a running Mozmill CI do the following steps to get Jenkins restarted:

  • Open your VPN client and connect to MV
  • SSH into our Mozmill CI master which is reachable via (ask Henrik or Dave for the username and password)
  • Execute screen -x to reattach to the screen
  • Select the Jenkins tab by pressing Alt+a followed by the tab number
  • Press Ctrl+c to kill Jenkins
  • Run ./ to start Jenkins
  • Exit screen via Alt+a and d
  • Exit SSH

Keep in mind that this action sends out a bunch of emails to the mozmill-ci mailing list.

Pulse times out or isn't getting any notifications

After an outage, we can face this issue because our listeners timeout and pulse translator needs to be restarted. In other cases it's an underlying issue that needs investigated. For this, please:

  • file a bug in Mozilla QA > Infrastructure and cc/needinfo Jonathan Griffin. You can also look for him on IRC.
  • check on the #it channel if someone is available to help right away.
  • email to report the issue, cc-ing the ateam ( and all the relevant persons (Automation and QA members: Henrik, Marc, Anthony)
  • email mozmill-ci mailing list to report all the actions taken so that the next duty is notified