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Discussion Items

  • Fennec Stuff
    • branch testing / deployment. Thoughts so far?
      • discussion big thing is getting to beta, to get the audience feedback
      • nothing has been blockable yet
      • concerning that locale switcher into 5 beta. (we didnt have heads up on this) wasnt this a fennec 6 issue
      • also about bugs that are fixed that need approval for landing (eg. password one)
      • QA would want to advocate for pushing out beta deployments if major bugs are landing (eg. password one). we'll need to discuss this with dev
      • documentation and testplans seem to be fine
      • Q: Clone the test suites for branch?
        • discussion keep the existing suite at 1, and add tests to keep it simple. also, TCM will handle tagging and grouping test suites; reduce dupes
    • Updates on Device services
      • discussion Kevin & Waverley ran the trial period, no big red flags. Except long tap isnt available. Naoki will try out the service and test around VKB
    • community device support update (aaronmt)
  • Services QA
    • Weekly s-c deployment update (tracy)
    • some projects are revisiting strategy
    • Functional Load test automation project (owen)
  • Jetpack / Flightdeck update (tchung)
    • FD work: transferred to webdevqa
    • Jetpack work: no resources
  • Hiring update (tchung)

Project Status

  • Sync (Tracy)
    • Weekly train model is working well. We're no longer getting slammed with big change sets.
    • I expect Python reg/sreg server should pass QA this cycle. If so, it will be pushed to production on Monday.
  • Test pilot (tracy)
    • 1.2pre 4/5 builds in testing this week
    • Awesomebar HD study pushed to limited audience
  • Identity (tracy)
    • Project responding to security issues. (Thunder out this week)
  • Share (Aaron)
    • Will not land in Firefox 6, their target land date was missed, awaiting response about their definitive answer to the internal prd
  • Open Web Apps (tchung)
    • no updates

Round Table