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Discussion Items

  • Rapid Project update
    • Highlight Top Issues, concerns
  • Case conductor status
    • Cam says mid to late feb
  • Posting active projects on QMO, Docmentation cleanup

Project Status

  • Issues
    • Tracy taking Services QA Community stewardship.
    • Fennec Native is at risk for 1/31 beta date
  • Fennec (kbrosnan/aaronmt)
    • Performance hookins landed last night; no more manual testing necessary for s0/s1 ( bug 711201 )
    • Performance for video for localization is being worked upon
    • Crash for mobile for Nightly and Aurora is being worked on; cleaning up the lists to make sure they are well maintained.
  • Sync Client (tracy)
    • Android Native Sync code drop .3 is ready. It should go to m-c today.
    • Add-on sync is bubbling up the channels (Fx 11) gps has added a series of test to xpcshell and TPS for this feature.
    • Switching from Mozmill to Sikuli for UI automation of sync
  • Test pilot (tracy)
    • nothing to report
  • Sync Server (jbonacci, jrgm)
  • BrowserID (jbonacci, jrgm)
    • Trains continue to roll through
      • Train 17: Bug 713961 - QA and deploy BrowserID train-2011.12.28 to production
      • Train 18: Bug 715728 - QA and deploy BrowserID train-2012.01.05 to production
      • Train 19: Bug 719243 - QA and deploy BrowserID train-2012.01.18 to production
    • Big additions in the current and next train:
      • Support for primaries
      • Support for localization
      • UI changes
    • BrowserID team is actively pursuing leads to act as primaries (email domains, etc).
    • QA work continues towards client-side automation
    • QA is also working with Dev on front-end and back-end unit tests
    • Other upcoming activities include build-out and deployment of PHX colo
  • Jetpack(?)
  • Pancake (nhirata)
    • Infrastructure changes, UX changes still occurring with nothing to test on the front end.
    • QA to review UX Design; formulate some sort of test plan based on UX; need to look at backend work
    • Dria (Deb Richardson) is now officially PM
    • Talked to Browser ID/WebQA team to figure out how to best tackle the issue of testing Browser ID and having infrastructure to have selenium tests for Pancake to run daily.
    • Pancake Work Week 2/6th; there will be pancakes!
  • webapis (jhammink)
    • presently main focus with these is now with marionette on B2G (P2), mainly
      • SMS
      • Telephony
    • Insofar as they tie into work with B2G
  • b2G (jhammink)
    • now building, test driving marionette against b2g on both devices and emulator; have gaia (frontend) working with marionette, python, and JS
        • coming soon - blog post coming for all of the above
    • Currently manually testing Telephony, SMS, GAIA UI, very hard!
    • Test plan for MWC congress demo (last week Feb)
      • test plan will cover mainly functionality (use-cases), (but also reliability, performance, security tbd)
    • attending B2G workweek in feb
    • Two new interns to onboard
    • wanna use Vlad Maniak as a resource - and he has expressed interest!

Round Table