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Discussion Items

  • Top issues for your projects (team summary)
    • update maple branch (GL testing) has lots of development, and introducing regressions. This is a day to day project
    • MWC demos need to be in solid shape. backup plan is to use phone cards, and offline access off the SD card. There are still a handful of blocking bugs bug 729277
    • triaging of blocker bugs for beta and release. this determines the timeline (Sync and Maple are biggest areas)
    • Android Sync, still waiting for content provider for passwords
    • addon sync had a blocker bug for new accounts, but fixed in latest train
    • sync server side, more projects are going to be ready for testing (sync server 2.0 api - dev environment, no frontend, no database, token server - need staging environment built)
    • BrowserID still has localization issues, can't sign in on nightly/aurora only. bug 730015
    • Q: Are we still on track to rewrite the authentication work for BrowserID? No answer yet
  • How to handle maple fixed bugs? (fennec team discussion)
    • Tony's suggestion is comment in bugs on latest maple builds, and use whiteboard "verified-maple". Then reverify after it lands on M-C later.
    • discussion wait until maple merges on m-c, then verify fixes, regressions and qawanted bugs afterwards.
  • Next Testdays Plans?
    • Persona (ack! still hate typing this word...): march 9th
      • new UI, localization, have a primary server
    • Fennec GL merge to M-C nightly testday: Date TBD sometime after mwc)
      • include Android Sync work landed
      • (aaron) follow up with when the GL merge happens from dev
    • Pancake: defer to next quarter? only ipad beta is shipping
  • MozCamp: Buenos Aires? (AaronMT)
    • (tony) follow up with bob
  • Community projects update (tracy)
    • Etherpad of ideas
    • wiki cleanup, new projects for QMO, etc..
    • update list of actionable tasks broken down for this quarter. See Notes below.
  • Case conductor status (cam)
    • Awaiting IT to bring the staging environment up (this week)
    • New testcases can be created directly
    • See Case Conductor User Guide
    • Cam: will be requesting
    • give feedback through bugzilla (MozillaQA::Case Conductor)

Project Status

  • Highlights
    • MWC testing is top focus for fennec this week
    • BrowserID is depoying a train this week
    • Sync landed a handful of patches
    • B2G workweek this week in france
    • We'll be talking about community work tomorrow in BT meeting
  • Fennec (Kevin/Aaron)
    • Native
      • Focused on MWC demo testing on the Maple branch
      • Triage is ongoing
        • keywords are going away
        • will be going to traditional flags, watch for a blog post for blassy
    • XUL
    • Stability (nhirata)
    • MWC (nhirata)
      • work being done to make sure that MWC web apps + a build from nightly build is stable for the demo
      • So far 2/19/2012 is the fall back; Currently testing today's build, cleaning up bugs. Most likely going to use 2/23 as the MWC candidate for nightly. Maple still needs at least tomorrow's build.
      • Web API is also getting fixed up with due date of 2/23 noon PDT
  • Sync (Tracy)
    • testing Android code drop .5
    • working on automation in sikuli
    • preparing videos for community engagement.
    • s-c client train around Add-on sync bug fix bug 712542 rolled to m-c yesterday.
  • Test pilot (tracy)
    • nothing for QA this week
  • Sync Server (jbonacci/jrgm)
    • Testing continues as needed for any Sync Server deployments and Change/Maintenance Windows.
    • Test scripts are in progress for running curl against rfkelly's Sync 2.0 setup
    • QA test planning in in progress for the following projects:
      • MetLog
      • BiPostal
      • Sync 2.0 with Token Server
  • BrowserID (jbonacci/jrgm)
    • Actively working on Train 21 in Stage:
      • Bug 727995 - QA and deploy BrowserID train-2012.02.16 to production
      • Main focus on this train, again, is support for primaries, UX, localization
  • Pancake (nhirata)
    • QA work semi onhold until after MWC

Round Table

Action Items

Community Plans

  * blog 3 times this quarter on your project (either on QMO or personal)
  * create 1 actionable project on QMO (getting involved with Sync)
  * blog 3 times this quarter on your project (either on QMO or personal)
  * create 1 actionable project on QMO (Web compatibility testing across devices?) 
  * write QMO blog post and point to the robocop wikis.   or taking a litmus test and how they can create an automated test
  * mentoring a college student to learn how to test BrowserID (Zak from fort lewis college)
  * goal is to write testcases, and move them to case conductor
  * blogpost on selenium tests for BrowserID. provide examples, screenshots, and what areas we still need for tests.
  * write blogpost on detecting and killing crashes
  * talk about socorro stuff [done/ongoing]
  * introduce pancake development and status of beta
  * write a blogpost on general exploratory testing
  * talk to jaclyn and video tape them on their demos, broadcast their videos on QMO.
  * write a blogpost on reading and posting bugzilla metrics for web compatibility
  * cleaning up old services and fennec wikis