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Discussion Items

  • Top issues for your projects (team summary)
    • Services: none on sync
    • BrowserID: phx rollout is delayed due to legal issues. focus on train - scheduled for next wednesday afternoon. team, help out with the testday tomorrow and look at the staging environment. Get folks to file issues on Github.
    • Fennec: sync team is now unblocked to cover work for password sync. Awaiting maple to be stable and fixed enough to merge next week to m-c. still no word on uplifting trunk to aurora. Fx10 ESR is on the release channel.
    • B2G: friday is a dogfooding release. testplan is up (manual for now). Blocked by marionette tool that can't launch Gaia applications.
    • Pancake: iOS is borked, slow to load. lattice is broken, untestable.
  • Upcoming Testdays
    • Persona testday post (james)
    • What else is on schedule?
      • If there is a plan set in stone to uplift trunk to Aurora next week; we should do an Aurora targeted event (AaronMT)
      • Maple merges to m-c: target March 23rd (kevin)
      • Pancake? lets target something in april (naoki)
      • Fennec Beta: pending schedule, but have something next quarter
      • AITC: end of Q2
  • Community projects update (tracy)
  * blog 3 times this quarter on your project (either on QMO or personal)
  * create 1 actionable project on QMO (getting involved with Sync)
  * blog 3 times this quarter on your project (either on QMO or personal)
  * create 1 actionable project on QMO (Web compatibility testing across devices?) 
  * write QMO blog post and point to the robocop wikis.   or taking a litmus test and how they can create an automated test
  * mentoring a college student to learn how to test BrowserID (Zak from fort lewis college)
  * goal is to write testcases, and move them to case conductor
  * blogpost on selenium tests for BrowserID. provide examples, screenshots, and what areas we still need for tests.
  Kevin: clean up the wikimo docs for old fennec stuff.   Create a document for a writitng testcases style-guide, starting with mobile QA. 
  John: was working on a few students for b2g, but may be too technical.  Will work with them to get the students working on an emulator.   (barrier: no devices)  Work with Geo on the list.   Add a goal to blog what's going on with B2G on QMO.
  * write blogpost on detecting and killing crashes
  * talk about socorro stuff [done/ongoing]
  * introduce pancake development and status of beta
  * write a blogpost on general exploratory testing
  * talk to jaclyn and video tape them on their demos, broadcast their videos on QMO.
  * write a blogpost on reading and posting bugzilla metrics for web compatibility
  * cleaning up old services and fennec wikis-start with moving the /QA/Fennec stuff to a /QA/Mobile directory
  • Case conductor status
    • Staging is up. give the project a go
    • Kevin is working on drafting a style guide for mobile
    • Sync and BrowserID can start adding their test suite as well
  • Continue these bi-monthly BT meetings? (tony)
    • feedback: there are crossovers soon (apps, pancake)
    • bring web apis into the frame of conversation
    • it would take a lot more time if we break this up into smaller meetings
    • b2g and webapps is rapidly changing, so see the value of hearing updates from other teams
  • Demos!
    • If you'd like, stick around for a demo of Sikuli automation running a handful of the basic desktop sync smoketests. (tracy)
    • BrowserID smoketests with Selenium (Jrgm)

Project Status

  • Fennec (Kevin/Aaron)
    • Automation (Martijn)
  • Sync (Tracy)
    • bug 731024 Unsupported record types causes Android Sync to reorder folders containing livemarks/queries/separators on desktop. QA likely to block beta on this desktop UX issue. Which depends on;
    • bug 708149 Handling of unsupported bookmark records.
    • Caught up on NAS verifications
    • QA waiting as anxiously as devs for content type work from Fennec team.
    • No desktop client train last week
    • Sign off on a small desktop train two weeks ago
    • tested around Android Sync bookmarks improvements
  • Sync Server (jbonacci/jrgm)
    • Working with rfkelly on initial QA/Dev testing of Sync 2.0 against various flavors of Linux
    • Working with jrconlin on some initial QA/Dev testing of BiPostal on qa1 VM
    • QA test planning in in progress for the following projects:
      • MetLog
      • Token Server
      • Sync 2.0/Token Server combo
  • BrowserID (jbonacci/jrgm)
  • B2G (jhammink)
  • Pancake (nhirata)
    • Currently borked. Disconnected between website and iOS app. Things are pretty broken atm; waiting for dev team to do some fixing before testing later today? (ie waiting for green light from dev to test)
    • QA reviewing current bugs and doing some clean up.
    • iPad 2 is updated to iOS 5.1

Round Table

Action Items

  • Tony to invite dclarke, jsmith, and geo to future BT meetings