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Meeting Notes for <04-17/2012>

Tuesdays, 8am PT / 4pm GMT
Backchannel: #qa
Dial in: 800-707-2533
Password 369, conference #245


(eg. headcount, updates with staffing, vacation/away time)

Take Ways From Last Week

(eg. Action items from last weeks's Take Aways)

Round Table

Fennec Updates

(eg. Status, top issues)

  • Mozilla (test lead)
    • 24-hour turnaround window for qawanted
    • ping martijn on creating bugzilla emails for qawanted and regressionwindow-wanted
    • Define minimum device requirements
  • SoftVision (Ioana, Andreea, Catalin, Adrian, Nicolae, Paul)
  • Important bugs:
    • bug 739584 - Loading will freeze and shut down the device
    • bug 732794 - Empty bookmarks tab on awesomescreen
    • bug 731286 - [meta] compilation of crashes within libflashplayer
    • bug 743662 - Session is not restored when Firefox is restarted by an addon install/uninstall
    • bug 742267 - URL content is cleared when entering a new character from the hardware keyboard
    • bug 744717 - Fennec runs are not accessible in litmus
    • bug 743938 - Crash in glClear @ WSEGL_GetDrawableParameters
  • Issues/Questions/ Proposals
    • we did not receive the bugzilla mail with daily qa-wanted as tony showed - Martin can you help us out?
    • bug 744717 - Fennec runs are not accessible in litmus is still new, can't access Test Runs
    • Any decision or/and comments on Converging Fennec Native 14 prior to 4/24 uplift to Aurora?
    • Any decision or/and comments on Rapid Betas?

BrowserID Updates

(eg. Status, top issues)

  • SoftVision (Ioana Budnar)
    • Ioana in PTO today - will return tomorrow and start working on new BID train
    • Last week helped with testing the previous train (2012.03.28)
  • Mozilla (Tony)

Take Aways This Week