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Sample Response

simplified version

If the emails are very vague about interest, let's use the sample response and point them to our online self-serve resources, and if they reply back, then we can engage them at an individual level answering their specific questions:



We're happy to hear of your interest in Mozilla QA. Our team consists of five groups Web QA, Browser Technologies, Automation,Thunderbird, Services, and Desktop & Mobile Firefox.

You can see a quick overview of our teams in this page:

Depending your area or areas of interest I can help you explore some of the things you can help with.

We've just started a new development process that should allow us to release a few new features in the browser every six weeks, as opposed to tons of features every year or so. We are going to need lots of help tracking the status of new features, creating test plans for new features, creating test cases, testing these new features and making sure these are in good shape before they are deemed ready to go out in a specific release. You can see a list of features we are working on:

Many of those features currently have no QA ownership, so depending on your interest and how much time you can invest, you could for example take on one of those features to test it. Of course, there are many more things we do on a daily basis which you can engage in to become familiar with the project before you commit to "owning" a feature. These tasks include triaging bugs that have been filed by community members but which have not been confirmed, verifying new bugs fixes, finding regression ranges for identified issues and so on.

If you'd like you can also come to one of our weekly testdays, where we gather on irc:// and we go through some of the tasks I described above. It's a good opportunity to say hi and get to know the team and other volunteers and try on some new features or just hang out. These happen every Friday from 8am to 5pm Pacific time, and you can find details of upcoming testdays and other events on In addition, you'll find our online forums on I encourage you to sign up for the team forums you may be interested in. Once you register there, you can ask questions, get more in depth answers, read some interesting discussion and of course we are very interested in any feedback you have regarding Mozilla QA or Mozilla in general.

Thanks again for your interest in participating in the project.


Your name.