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Desktop Automation Status for February 17, 2012

Project Status

Project Accomplishments Outstanding Issues
Test Failures
Functional Tests
  • Landed dependecy for install and uninstall blocklisted extension
Endurance Tests 4 tests landed
  • Back and Forward navigation
  • Open and Close Panorama with many tabs
  • Add/Remove Bookmarks via Awesomebar
  • SWF Video via Embed
  • Landed the waitFor refactoring for tests on rapid release branches

Personal Status

Contributor Accomplishments Outstanding Issues
Anthony Hughes
  • started discussion with Ehsan about background update and mozmill-tests
  • started discussion with Gerv about MPL2 and mozmill-tests
  • published commit policy on MDN
  • filed bugs to get Vlad and Alex commit access
Vlad Maniac
  • fixed failing tests; summary
  • investigated "modal dialog has been found" issue and failing tests
Alex Lakatos
Remus Pop

Worked on

  • waitFor refactoring
  • install and uninstall a blocklisted extension
  • endurance test for loading a sfw video via embed