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Desktop Automation Status for March 2nd, 2012

Project Status

  • Ongoing tasks involving monitoring test runs for new failures, disable and fix tests
Functional Tests
  • No updates, development dropped for the time being
Endurance Tests
  • Dropped off development for the time being, we have 13 endurance tests checked in and not failing
  • bug 671477 landed
Test Refactoring
Remote tests

Personal Status

Anthony Hughes

Next Week
  • We have far too many disabled failures -- need to work on getting those fixed

Vlad Maniac

  • bug 724494 - failure fixed
  • investigated and reported several new failures
  • started developing one new remote test bug 732357
Next Week
  • land bug 671382
  • talk to Mossop about bug 710143 the back-end api method which he proposed does not do the job
  • fixing failures takes a lot of time and investigation a good example can be bug 731155 but there are more

Alex Lakatos

  • PTO
Next Week

Remus Pop

  • improvement for selectedIndex() in tabs.js bug 731948
  • finished refactoring of waitFor
  • filed 2 bugs against framework: bug 732394, bug 727842
  • investigated bug 731155; a patch will be available this week
Next Week
  • write tests for WebQA team; update patches that had been reviewed